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“A lovely seaside escape and Sian made as feel very welcome. Great location and a lovely flat.”
JacobUnited Kingdom
“ I was very comfortable here during a two night stay. Paul was very responsive to my booking. This is an excellent location in central London, an easy walk to three train stations, and a reasonable price given the location. I was welcomed with all manner of goodies for breakfast and got in a load of laundry. I met Paul's cool housemate but unfortunately didn't get to meet Paul - I'm told he was away on a walkabout through Australia! ”
DarakshanUnited States
“This is a really lovely place to stay. It's been beautifully restored by Dolly and care taken to make it as comfortable as possible. The wooden beams and geese wallpaper were our favourite, and showering under the nights sky was a real treat! Dolly was very welcoming and went out of her way to offer help with transport etc. I'd definitely recommend it for a stop over or even for a few days. Although we didn't have time this time, it seemed the perfect place as a base for walks and cycling around the local area. ”
PriyaUnited Kingdom

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