Second Act: A new beginning

Tessa was taken out of her demanding and vastly successful career as a location scout by a neurological disease—she went from 100 hour weeks and constant travel to being virtually housebound, with an imperative to find a new way of living. Airbnb brings the world to Tessa, and through it she’s been able to reconnect to her neighborhood, and find her new path as an artist, or as she terms it “an embellisher of memories.”

“There was a time in my life when I was so lonely that the wind would whistle through me. I thought this was it, this will always be so. And ‘this will always be so’ is the biggest hurdle to get over. And I don’t have that anymore.”

Airbnb teams up with local directors and photographers to bring these stories to life. Thanks to Mastin Kipp from TheDailyLove for capturing this story.

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