Travel as unique as your DNA

In collaboration with 23andMe, Airbnb wants you to travel in the context of your own roots.

The rise of heritage travel

Within the past five years, an increasing number of travelers are choosing to visit places connected with their ancestry*, and see it as an important emotional consideration when planning travel.**

Finding your story

At-home DNA kits shed light on genetic heritage, inspiring travellers to connect with new places. Authentic travel experiences create a sense of belonging for travellers, and journeying to your roots only extends that sense of belonging.

Connecting to your heritage

Travelling somewhere that your ancestors called home is often an enriching experience. People everywhere from India to Argentina say that heritage trips are a more valuable experience than other types of holidays.**

Plan your end-to-end heritage trip

Discovering your heritage with 23andMe enables you to form new and unexplored bonds with people, places, histories and cultures the world over. Airbnb enables you to engage with the world through that newly-discovered cultural lens.

Travel the world based on your DNA

Learn where you come from and establish a connection between your heritage and the places where you choose to travel.