Airbnb has become a part of everyday life for many in the UK, but there are still common misconceptions and myths about our community.
That's why we are inviting you to discover some simple truths.
Airbnb has become a part of everyday life for many in the UK,
but there are still common misconceptions about our community.
That's why we are inviting you to discover some simple truths.
Airbnb supports modern, simple rules for short-term lets

We want new rules for short-term lets

It’s vital that any new rules strike the right balance between the needs of local communities, Hosts, and guests. One of the biggest challenges policymakers face is the lack of accurate information on how many short-term lets there are, where they are located, how often they are used, and any impact they could be having on housing supply. Any decisions by local authorities to restrict short-term lets should be based on evidence gathered by a new, national registration system.
Most Hosts are everyday people, with 4 in 5 UK Hosts sharing just one listing

Most Hosts only list one space

For many Hosts, home sharing is a chance to open a space in their primary residence to guests while they’re away. It means that everyday people have the opportunity to make some extra income from major events taking place in their community - like the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham or COP26 in Glasgow.
Airbnb has banned parties since 2020, and blocked over 84k unwanted bookings in the UK in 2022

Parties are banned on Airbnb

We believe that the neighbourhoods and communities in which we operate are as important as the Hosts and guests who use our service. That’s why in 2020, we introduced a global party ban. As a result, our industry-leading prevention technology blocked more than 84,000 people in the UK from making certain unwanted bookings in 2021 alone. If any guest is disturbing the peace, our 24/7 Neighbourhood Support Line allows neighbours to raise concerns with our dedicated support team.
40% of Hosts on Airbnb say the extra income helps them afford their income

Home sharing helps households pay their mortgage

As we face a cost of living crisis, people are under more financial pressure than ever before. 40% of Hosts say that the extra income helps them afford their home - offering a vital way to support their income and protect their living standards. It’s a significant boost - with Airbnb helping Host households increase their income by 20% in 2019.
Airbnb is committed to being a good partner to local communities and policymakers

Airbnb wants to work with communities and policymakers

Airbnb has been calling for new rules for some time, including publishing our own proposals in 2021. We want to work with communities and believe local authorities should have the tools to tackle housing concerns where short-term lets play a role. To avoid unintended consequences on tourism and hardworking families, it’s essential that any interventions are proportionate and based on accurate data.

Airbnb generates billions for the UK economy

Short term lets make it easier for people to travel around the country, bringing tourism to places that would otherwise go without. That means real-world benefits for families, communities and local economies across the country. In 2022, Hosts and guests on Airbnb contributed £2.9 billion to the UK economy. Many local businesses rely on this trade - with over half of guests on Airbnb taking a UK Host’s recommendation to visit a local business or place in 2021.

Airbnb helps keep people in jobs

Hosts and guests come together in 2,700 cities, villages and towns across the country - and we work with communities to promote travel to areas where it’s needed. That means more jobs in the places that need them - helping local people in communities benefit directly from tourism.
The typical UK Host on Airbnb earned over £6,000 in extra income in 2021

Airbnb helps boost incomes

Hosts, on average, earn about £6,000 a year in extra income. This money directly benefits individuals, families and their local economies - ensuring that the benefits of Hosting reach local people by supporting local businesses and jobs. The benefit to everyday people is direct, positive and significant.

Meet the Hosts

Hear from Hosts like Catherine and Gill, who share their experiences of hosting on Airbnb.