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What is the Airbnb Community Center?

The Community Center is a place to connect with other hosts, share stories, ask for advice, and get updates from the Airbnb team. You can also plan or join meetups.

Getting started

Here are a few of the features the Community Center offers:

  • Conversations: Ask a question, share a story, or connect with other hosts by starting a conversation—or joining in on an existing one.
  • Tags: Add topic tags to your conversations to help people find and follow them. We’ll show trending topics on the Community Center homepage. You can also follow a topic to get updates whenever new content is posted.
  • Top contributors: We’re so lucky to have a vibrant and active community of hosts, and we want to make sure your amazing contributions to the community get recognized—that’s why you’ll see a Top Contributors section on the homepage. New to hosting? Use this section to find a community expert.
  • Direct messaging: Want to ask another host a private question? You can now direct message other community members right from the Community Center.

Available languages

The Community Center is available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, and Japanese. We plan to offer support more languages soon.


Cities boards are location-specific boards you can use to connect with other hosts in your area. You can view any Cities board to connect with hosts in that area.

Don’t see your city yet? Use the Where in the world? board to start a location-specific conversation. You can use tags to help other community members find your post.

Managing the Community Center

This is your community. You own the discussions, and the Community Center will ultimately rely heavily on your level of engagement.

The Community Center will be largely self-moderated, but you may also see a face from the Airbnb team around from time to time to share updates, answer tricky questions, and help keep things clean and safe.

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