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    How do I track my Superhost status?

    Go to Superhost under Performance to track how you’re doing for each of the Superhost requirements. If you’re meeting the requirements at the next assessment period, you can earn Superhost status.

    Superhost assessment

    Superhost assessment begins on the 1st day of the following months: January, April, July, and October. The assessment will take into account your performance over the preceding 12 months, but you don't need to have hosted for the full 12 months to qualify. While the assessment begins on the 1st, it can take up to 5 days for you to find out your Superhost status. We'll notify you about whether you've gained, retained, or lost Superhost status by email.

    It may take up to 1 week for your Superhost badge to appear on your listing page. This process is automated, which means we can't update your status between assessment dates. Unfortunately, our customer service team can't make changes to your performance if you didn’t qualify for Superhost.

    Keep in mind that you’ll need to continue to meet the programme requirements to maintain your Superhost status on the next assessment date.

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