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How do custom price settings affect my payout amount?

Custom weekly and monthly prices will override your normal nightly, weekly, and monthly prices, as well as any custom nightly prices you’ve set for your calendar.

If you have custom pricing set for specific weeks or months, you'll see a notification in the Long-term discounts section of your listing’s calendar.

If you've turned on Smart Pricing, your prices will automatically update based on your minimum price, maximum price, and frequency settings. These settings are determined by Airbnb's own algorithm, and calculations to work towards maximum occupancy of your listing.

You can manage your price settings directly from your calendar. To set custom pricing:

  1. Go to your calendar and select the dates you want to edit
  2. In the window that appears, set your nightly price
  3. [Optional] Click Add to enter a private note to yourself
  4. Click Save
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