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    Longer than usual waiting times due to COVID-19
    If your reservation is more than 72 hours away, please contact us closer to the check-in time. If you’d like to change or cancel a reservation, you can do that from your trips page or hosting dashboard.

    Can I give a guest a custom price?

    Yes. We call this a Special Offer, and you can send one from your inbox.

    To send a guest a Special Offer:

    1. Go to Your Messages on
    2. Open the message from the guest you want to send a Special Offer to
    3. Click Send special offer
    4. On the left side of the page, in the Subtotal field, enter the price you’d like to offer your guest for their stay
    5. Click Send special offer

    When you send a Special Offer, enter the total price you’d like to offer your guest for their stay, and make sure to include all nights of the reservation. Be sure to include your additional guest fee as well as cleaning fees, pet fees, or any other fees you've agreed upon.

    Note: Special Offers can only be sent to guests with a pending reservation request. If the guest accepts your Special Offer, the reservation will automatically be confirmed.

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