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    Airbnb basics

    What are Airbnb’s rules about weapons in a listing?

    Our Standards & Expectations require that all weapons that are present at a listing must be properly stored and secured. If a weapon is in plain sight or discoverable by guests, hosts are required to indicate its presence in their House Rules. Guests are also required to provide notice of and obtain consent for any secured weapons prior to booking and should use the messaging feature to do so.

    If prior notice of a secured weapon is not provided and the host or guest prefers to cancel the reservation, Airbnb will allow cancellation without penalty.

    Note: All weapons present in a listing must be secured regardless of whether they’ve been disclosed. People who violate this expectation may be suspended or removed from the site.

    What’s considered a weapon

    Any mechanism that can be used to fire a projectile is considered a weapon. This includes, but is not limited to: Standard firearms, air guns, self-defence or deterrent devices such as tasers or pepper spray, ammunition of any kind and imitation firearms.

    Accepted types of secure storage

    Locked cases or cabinets and visible locking devices are acceptable storage options. Secured storage must guarantee that only authorised users have access.

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