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    What are some best practices for co-hosting?

    Hosts and co-hosts work together to provide memorable experiences for guests. Through their partnership, they shared a few best practices with us that highlight how to provide great hospitality for guests.

    Communicate openly, and often

    • Discuss scope, expectations and timing of the hosting help you expect as a listing owner. This could mean going over the space (how big it is, how many rooms, etc.), discussing the type of help needed for each step in the guest experience, and who’s in charge of making the space sparkle after each guest stay
    • For the hosting help you need, set clear expectations and guidelines on how and when each service should be completed. Discuss how expenses should be handled for replenishing necessities at your place (like toilet paper, soap, etc.), maintenance, and other expenses
    • Provide clear feedback after each guest stay and go over each guest review together. Listing owners should keep in mind that guests will be reviewing you about their stay in your listing, not the co-host
    • If either the host or co-host want to end the co-hosting partnership, be sure to give the other person plenty of notice, so they can make alternative arrangements

    Discuss limitations

    • Let your co-host know about any conditions, restrictions, or limitations for your listing. This could be how often your place gets booked, the maximum number of nights that are bookable for your listing, the maximum number of guests for each booking, etc. that may apply to the listing
    • As a co-host, be sure to comply with these conditions, restrictions, or limitations

    Be reliable

    • Only agree to perform co-hosting services you know you can accomplish to the host’s satisfaction
    • Be sure you understand the expectations and guidelines for each service
    • If expenses are required to complete a service, get approval from the host before purchasing items, and include the receipts in the Resolution Center for each purchase
    • Communicate the moment you’re unsure you can’t perform a particular service or if you need to stop co-hosting
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