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    How do I refund my guest?

    To refund a guest before their check-in date, go to Reservations, select a reservation, and click Issue refund.

    If a guest has a problem during their stay (ex: an offered amenity like wi-fi is missing or the hot water doesn’t work), or after their stay, you can send them a partial refund through the Resolution Centre.

    To refund a guest:

    1. Go to Resolution Centre and click Send money
    2. Select a guest to send money to and click Next
    3. Under Select a reason, choose the reason that best describes your refund situation
    4. Click Add
    5. Enter the refund amount, and add a message to your guest
    6. Click Next and then Send

    Your guest will be notified of the refund and we’ll process your transaction within 48 hours. Once you submit the refund amount, the transaction is considered final. For any additional refunds, you or your guest will need to submit a new request using the Resolution Centre.

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