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    Officetel and goshiwon removal in Korea

    Upon reviewing, Airbnb may consider your listing not suitable for residential use (ex: an officetel or goshiwon) and will remove your listing (or listings) from the platform accordingly.

    If your listing was removed

    Airbnb aims to create a responsible host community in Korea, and to provide guests with a real sense of local culture through an experience of “living like a local”. In order to ensure this, properties that are not suitable for residential use, like officetels or goshiwons, are not permitted as listings on Airbnb in Korea. Listings that are identified as officetels or goshiwons do not match with Airbnb's mission.

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    How upcoming reservations are affected

    If your listing was removed from Airbnb, you won’t be able to accept any new reservations. Reservations that begin 30 or more days after the listing’s removal will be cancelled. For example, if your listing is removed on January 1st, all existing reservations from January 30th onward will be cancelled. Reservations that begin before or on January 29th will not be affected.

    If you believe your listing was removed incorrectly

    If your listing was incorrectly identified as an officetel, or goshiwon, or a non-residential property, you can request reactivation of the listing. Please submit your request in Korean. Airbnb reserves the right to deactivate your account in case you resubmit a listing that is not suitable for residential use.

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