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    Waiting times are longer than usual right now
    Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), we’re currently receiving a high number of requests and working with reduced staff. If you have a reservation that is more than 72 hours away, please contact us closer to your check-in date so we can support those needing immediate help. To change or cancel a reservation, go to your trips page or hosting dashboard.

    How do payment plans work?

    Note: Payment plans are no longer available for new reservations, although guests booking in Brazil can choose to pay in instalments.

    If you made a reservation in the past and chose to pay only a portion of the total when you booked, you may have another payment due before your reservation starts. Here’s more info about how upcoming payments work.

    Upcoming payments

    If you chose a payment plan, you paid for part of your reservation when your booking was confirmed, and you'll be automatically charged for any future payments. If you’re not sure whether you have an upcoming payment, you can check the email receipt for your reservation or the receipt listed in the reservation under your Trips.

    We’ll send an email reminder three days before the charges go through, along with a link to manage your payment settings, in case you’d like to review your payment method (like credit card, debit card, etc.) closer to the due date.

    If you need to update your payment method associated with an upcoming payment, or if you want to pay early, learn how to edit your payment method for upcoming payments.

    If you cancel

    If you cancel your reservation, or the second payment can’t be completed by the date it’s due, you’ll receive a refund according to your reservation's cancellation policy.

    For example, if you’ve booked with a Strict Cancellation Policy and cancel within time to receive a 50% refund, if only 50% of the reservation has been paid, no refund will be issued and the remaining 50% will simply not be charged.

    Using an Airbnb coupon, credit, or gift card

    If you chose a payment plan during checkout, Airbnb credits, coupons, or gift cards were eligible for your initial payment (the payment you made during checkout), but will not be applied to the second payment, or any future payments.

    Here’s an example of how it would work if you booked a stay for a total of £200 with the option to pay £100 during checkout and £100 at a later date:

    • During checkout, you had the option to apply up to £100 in gift card credits or a coupon
    • You were also required to select another form of payment as a backup – for example, a credit or debit card on file
    • When it’s time to automatically charge the second payment, the backup payment method you chose during checkout (for example, the credit or debit card you chose in addition to paying with credits or a coupon) will be charged £100 even if you have Airbnb credits available on your account.

    If you need to update your payment method associated with an upcoming payment, or if you want to pay early, learn how to edit your payment method for upcoming payments.

    How it works in Brazil

    If you’ve chosen to pay in Brazilian reais (BRL) and if you use a credit card issued in Brazil as your payment method, you may have the option to pay in instalments.

    When you choose to pay in instalments, you can pay the total amount over the course of two or more monthly instalments for a fee – which you can review when you choose the number of instalments during checkout. At this time, we’re only able to offer instalments for these types of reservations:

    • Your currency is Brazilian reais (BRL)
    • You’re paying with a credit card issued in Brazil
    • The billing country for your payment method is Brazil. For example, the billing address you’ve provided to your credit card company is an address in Brazil.
    • You’re booking a stay, not an Airbnb Experience
    • You’re not making a long-term reservation (28 days or more)
    • The payment isn’t for an alteration to a previous payment or for a resolution centre request