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    Why can’t I check a guest’s profile photo?

    There are a few reasons why you might not be able to check a guest's profile photo.

    The booking isn't confirmed

    Profile photos aren't displayed until a booking is confirmed. After a booking is confirmed, you'll be able to check the guest's profile photo. Until then, each guest's profile photo will appear as a unique profile icon.

    The guest doesn't have a profile photo

    We suggest that guests add a profile photo when they sign up, and remind them again when they request or make a reservation. Although guests can book a place without having a profile photo, we strongly encourage them to upload one before they check in.

    You can also require guests to have a profile photo, but that photo won't be displayed until a booking is confirmed.

    If a guest's profile photo doesn't include the guest's face and, for example, contains only a cartoon, an avatar, or a picture of something other than a person, you can cancel penalty-free by contacting Airbnb.

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