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    How can I earn good reviews as an Airbnb Plus host?

    Guests expect Airbnb Plus hosts to offer a high level of hospitality for every stay. Maintaining an average rating of 4.8 over the past year is required to maintain Airbnb Plus status. In addition, all Airbnb Plus spaces must meet standards for style and comfort. Below are tips to help guests have a great experience:

    Good communication

    Giving guests an easy way to check in and contact you during their stay puts them at ease.

    • An easy way to check in: Guests expect Airbnb Plus hosts to provide easy check-in instructions, along with a lockbox, smart lock, keypad, door person, or someone on call to let them in when they arrive.
    • Quick responses to guests: A high response rate shows you’re willing to help. To keep guests in the know, Airbnb Plus hosts often share local tips, directions to the house, and things that could impact a stay like nearby construction or any unavailable amenities.
    • Personalized greetings: A warm welcome can make a good first impression. If someone isn’t greeting the guest in person, guests like when Airbnb Plus hosts leave a written note or send a message to make sure they checked in OK.
    • Helpful house manual info: Guests expect Airbnb Plus hosts to provide any info guests would need during their stay, like the wifi password, instructions for checking out, and an easy way to reach you.

    Everyday essentials

    Equipping your place with all of the basic amenities will help guests settle into the space.

    • Extras of everything: Guests appreciate it when hosts provide enough household items like toilet paper, garbage bags, and paper towels to last the duration of their stay. They also like when hosts store extra supplies in a place that's easy to find and access.
    • Basic ingredients for meals: To make the most of the kitchen, guests expect Airbnb Plus hosts to supply common items like oil, salt, and pepper. This makes cooking just a little bit easier.
    • Welcoming details: Guests often acknowledge when Airbnb Plus hosts provide thoughtful details like fresh cut flowers, bottled water, and local treats to make guests feel welcome.
    • TV and movie programming: Having access to entertainment services like Netflix or a DVD library helps guests relax and feel at home.

    Extra clean and comfortable spaces

    Keeping your place in good condition helps create a consistently great experience for every guest.

    • Working essentials and amenities: Guests expect appliances, door locks, faucets, and electronics to function properly. Airbnb Plus hosts often check hot tubs and outdoor barbeques to make sure they’re clean and work before each stay.
    • A table setting for every guest: To accommodate the maximum number of guests, Airbnb Plus hosts make sure the kitchen is equipped with enough dishes, cups, and utensils for everyone—and they also make sure these items are clean for every stay.
    • Bedroom and bathroom upkeep: Keeping spaces spotless by washing bath towels, sheets, and bedspreads is something guests expect of Airbnb Plus hosts for each stay. Hosts frequently update these linens every 4 to 6 months to keep bedrooms and bathrooms fresh.
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