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What can I do when I get a booking inquiry?

A booking inquiry is a message from a guest asking about specific dates. Guests who send an inquiry are usually looking for more information before sending a reservation request.

Respond within 24 hours

Be sure to respond to all messages—especially booking inquiries—within 24 hours. Quick responses are one of the best ways to lock in a confirmed reservation, and taking more than 24 hours to responds impacts your response rate.

Options for responding to a booking inquiry

  • Pre-approve the booking: This is the fastest way to get a confirmed reservation. Learn more about pre-approvals.
  • Send a special offer: If you’d like to suggest a different price (higher or lower), other dates, or another listing that’s available, try sending a special offer. Learn more about special offers
  • Send a message: Replying to the guest’s message within 24 hours is another way to maintain your response rate.
  • Decline the booking: You can decline if you’re unable to accommodate the guest. Before you decline, please keep our anti-discrimination policy in mind and review the implications of declining bookings.