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    What’s the difference between Airbnb Plus and Superhost?

    Airbnb Plus is an invite-only program that recognizes top hosts and places to stay on Airbnb. Many Superhosts are in the Airbnb Plus program and Plus hosts are expected to maintain Superhost-level standards of hospitality:

    Once invited and accepted into the program, Airbnb Plus hosts are held accountable to both Superhost-level hospitality standards as well as the exceptional host standards as well as an additional set of exceptional host standards by demonstrating that they:

    • Genuinely care by welcoming guests warmly and delighting them with details that let them know you’ve thought of everything
    • Provide outstanding service by being the type of host with whom you’d like to stay: kind, responsive, and committed to making things right

    The biggest difference between Superhosts and Airbnb Plus is that the Superhost program recognizes outstanding hosts and their hospitality, whereas the Airbnb Plus program recognizes not only exceptional hospitality, but also well-designed, fully equipped, and spotlessly maintained spaces that meet a high bar for quality and design. 

    To learn more about Superhosts, check out the full criteria.

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