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    As a host, what should I know about security deposits?

    You can require a security deposit for your listing. Airbnb can also require one when we believe it will help protect hosts. This applies to only a small percentage of reservations.

    Host-required security deposits

    You always have the option to require a security deposit yourself. If you do that, you also determine the security deposit amount.

    For host-required security deposits, guests don’t pay the deposit when they make the reservation. They will be charged only if you make a claim through our Resolution Centre.

    Learn how to add a security deposit.

    Airbnb-required security deposits

    We’re always looking for ways to ensure that our community of hosts and guests has great experiences on Airbnb. That's why we may independently require a security deposit for a small number of reservations – even if you don’t require one. This is based on things like the timing of a reservation or the listing’s features.

    How it works

    Guests will be shown the amount of an Airbnb-required security deposit when they’re booking the reservation. We calculate the security deposit amount according to 60% of a listing’s nightly rate (this amount adjusts for longer stays). There is a $1,000 USD limit for Airbnb-required security deposits.

    If you require a security deposit for your listing and we also determine that one is required for a specific reservation, the amount that you set will be used. If the amount that you set is for $0, then the security deposit amount determined by Airbnb will be used.

    Two days before a stay begins, an authorisation hold for the security deposit amount will be placed on the guest’s payment method. If it turns out that we can’t authorise the hold for the security deposit amount, the guest will be notified by email and have 12 hours to try another payment method.

    If the guest doesn’t respond, or if another payment method doesn’t work out, the reservation will be cancelled by Airbnb and the guest will receive a full refund. If a guest cancels for reasons unrelated to a security deposit, you’ll receive payment according to your cancellation policy.

    Additional info

    Collecting a security deposit

    The claims process works the same for both host- and Airbnb-required security deposits. It will not happen automatically. You’ll need to report the claim yourself and submit it in our Resolution Centre within 14 days of checkout or before a new guest checks in. Learn more about making a security deposit claim.

    Handling payment

    Security deposits must be handled through the Airbnb website. They can't be handled in cash or through any other off-site payment method because this is a violation of our terms.

    Host Guarantee

    Airbnb does not require a security deposit for all reservations. If something goes wrong and there was no security deposit, hosts are still covered by our Host Guarantee. All claims are subject to our Host Guarantee Terms and Conditions.

    Learn more about how Airbnb handles security deposits.

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