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    How do I earn T-points on Airbnb?

    If you are a resident of Japan who has a Yahoo! JAPAN ID, you can link your T-points account to Airbnb account to earn 1 T-point for every ¥200 (or foreign equivalent) paid when booking an accommodation on Airbnb, anywhere in the world (see exclusions outlined below). Points will be granted based on the final value of your booking at checkout.

    You can use the points that you’ve earned at any of the T-point alliance partners, both online and in physical locations across Japan.

    Sign up for T-points

    To earn points, you must link your Airbnb account to your T-point account by following the instructions on our T-point connect page. To confirm that your accounts are connected, visit the same page. If you see the message, “Congratulations! Your T-Point account is connected to Airbnb,” you are connected. If you don’t see that message, be sure to complete the connection process.

    T-points can be earned only by booking an accommodation. It’s not possible to earn T-points when booking other Airbnb services, such as experiences.

    T-points cannot be split between two or more members, even if they share the same booking. Points can be earned only by the person who initiated the booking.

    For accommodations booked in a currency other than Japanese Yen, or in locations where the local currency is not Japanese Yen, the Japanese Yen equivalent amount will be calculated at checkout by using an exchange rate determined by Airbnb.

    Track your T-points

    To check how many points you've earned, log in to the T-point | T-card website.

    Points appear only after they’ve been granted. It’s not possible to see points you’ll be earning in the future. Any point total indicated for the booking prior to checkout is an estimate only and may differ from the final amount of points earned, due to booking changes or cancellations, or exchange rate fluctuations.

    Points accrue to your account within 72 hours after checkout. The total points earned will be based on the final value of your booking at checkout. If you make any changes to the booking, the value will be updated accordingly.

    You can earn points for the nightly rate, cleaning fee, and guest service fee. Coupons, local taxes, and deposits are excluded from the calculation.

    If you cancel a booking and receive a full refund, no T-points will be granted. If you cancel a booking and receive only a partial refund, you’ll receive points for any amount not refunded (subject to the exclusions outlined above). Points will accrue to your T-Point account within a few days of cancellation.

    Manage your T-point account

    If you forget to link your T-point account to your Airbnb account before booking, you can still earn points if you connect your account prior to checkout. (The booking must be made after April 19, 2019.)

    To disconnect your T-point account at any time, visit our T-point connect page on a desktop computer or browser (not using the Airbnb app). Points will not be earned for stays that end after disconnection.

    For more details

    Please review the Terms and Conditions for earning T-points with Airbnb, which you agree. If any discrepancy between this article and the Terms and Conditions, the Terms and Conditions will prevail.

    Help with the T-point | T-card website

    If you’re not able to log in to the T-point | T-card website with your Yahoo! JAPAN ID, or for any T-point usage-related questions, refer to the T-point | T-card FAQ.

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