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    Waiting times are longer than usual right now
    Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), we’re currently receiving a high number of requests and working with reduced staff. If you have a reservation that is more than 72 hours away, please contact us closer to your check-in date so we can support those needing immediate help. To change or cancel a reservation, go to your trips page or hosting dashboard.

    Removing additional listing descriptions in other languages from Airbnb Plus listings

    To make sure that all guests have the same experience when they view an Airbnb Plus listing, every listing in the program should have only one listing description. As of August 20, 2019 all Airbnb Plus listings are required to have only one description, in one language. All additional descriptions will be removed.

    How did Airbnb Plus choose which description to keep for my listing?

    We will preserve the original listing title and description put in place at the time the listing was upgraded to Airbnb Plus. If you made any edits, they will remain untouched. Any other titles or descriptions that you added to your listing in additional languages will be removed.

    In what language will my listing be shown to guests?

    Your listing description will be shown to guests in the language of your original Airbnb Plus listing. As always, guests will have the option to translate this description to their preferred language via Google Translate by selecting a button labeled “Translate.”

    What if I want to make a change to my remaining listing description?

    You can edit your listing description at any time. To make edits, simply log in and go to Manage your Space found in your hosting dashboard.

    I have an Airbnb listing that is not in the Airbnb Plus program. Will that description be affected by this change?

    No. At this time, listings that are not part of the Airbnb Plus program may have more than one listing description in more than one language.

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