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    To find cancellation and refund options, go to your dashboard. Reservations eligible under our extenuating circumstances policy may be cancelled before check-in without penalties or impact on your Superhost status.

    What do I do if my guest breaks something in my place?

    If you need to make a request to collect on your security deposit, you can do so in the Resolution Centre within 14 days of your guest’s checkout date or before the next guest checks in, whichever is earlier.

    To make a request to collect on your security deposit:

    1. Go to the Resolution Centre on
    2. Choose the relevant reservation
    3. Under Select a reason, select Request compensation for damages
    4. Click Continue to submit details about the damages and associated costs on the next page

    If your guest agrees to the amount you've requested, we'll release your payout in 5–7 business days.

    If your guest declines or doesn't respond within 72 hours, click Contact us in your Resolution Centre case. If we require additional documentation of the damaged or missing items, you'll have 72 hours to provide it.

    We'll make sure you and your guest are represented fairly, and if we determine you're owed money, we'll send it to you in a separate payout.

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