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    How do I request to book a new date or time for an experience?

    You can request to book an experience for any date or time not listed on a host’s calendar.

    To send a request:

    1. Click the Contact host button on the host’s experience page
    2. Choose between asking a question, or requesting availability for dates and times
    3. Choose the new date, time, and number of guests
    4. Decide if you want to book a private instance
    5. Review your request
    6. Click Send request

    Once you send a request to book a new date or time, a host can review the reservation details and accept or deny your request. If they confirm, you’ll be prompted to complete the booking through a message in your inbox. If your request is denied, you can work with the host to find a different time that works better for their schedule.

    Confirming a reservation

    If a host accepts your new instance request, you’ll need to confirm and pay to complete your booking. Once your new instance request is accepted and scheduled on a host’s calendar, it will be available for others to book, unless your request was for a private booking.

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