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    What is Airbnb’s Enhanced Cleaning protocol?

    Airbnb’s enhanced cleaning protocol is a detailed guide for cleaning: Prepare, Clean, Sanitise, Check, Reset. We've partnered with experts in health and hospitality to develop an enhanced cleaning protocol to help support our community as travel evolves.

    Hosts with eligible listings who commit to these steps will get a special highlight on their listing page. You can read more about the cleaning routine in our Resource Centre.

    Committing to the cleaning protocol

    Currently, the option to commit to the cleaning protocol is not available to all listings in all locations, but more hosts will have this option available over time.

    If you’ve been notified that your listing is eligible, you can commit to the cleaning protocol.

    Getting a highlight on your listing

    After a host commits to the cleaning protocol, eligible listings will get a highlight to let guests know. It can take up to a week for the highlight to appear.

    If it's been more than a week after committing to the cleaning protocol and the highlight hasn't appeared, the listing may need additional reviews to qualify. If the average cleanliness rating is less than 4 stars, the highlight will appear when there’s an improvement.

    If a host opts out of the protocol

    If a host commits to the cleaning protocol but later opts out, we’ll notify any upcoming guests who booked their stay while the listing was part of the programme. We encourage guests to contact the host first, but if a guest chooses to cancel their stay because the listing is no longer in the programme, they'll be eligible for a refund under our Guest Refund Policy.

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