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    Longer than usual waiting times due to COVID-19
    If your reservation is more than 72 hours away, please contact us closer to the check-in time. If you’d like to change or cancel a reservation, you can do that from your trips page or hosting dashboard.

    Can hosts ask guests to sign a contract?

    Yes. Some hosts require guests to sign contracts or rental agreements prior to check-in.

    For hosts

    If you require guests to sign a contract, you must disclose the actual contract terms to them prior to booking. The easiest way to do this is to mention the contract in your listing's description and include the terms in your message thread with the guest.

    Airbnb can't help to enforce any special policies in your contract.

    For guests

    Hosts may ask you to sign a contract, but they must disclose this requirement and its terms prior to booking.

    If you’re not comfortable with the contract, you may want to discuss your concerns with the host or look for another place to stay.

    If your host asks you to sign a contract that you weren’t notified about before you made the reservation, you can decline to sign the contract and ask your host to cancel your reservation instead.