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    Host requirements

    To help create comfortable, reliable stays for guests, we ask all Hosts to meet these requirements for each of their listings:

    • Be responsive: Keep your response rate high by replying to enquiries and trip requests within 24 hours
    • Accept trip requests: Make guests feel welcome by accepting requests whenever you’re available
    • Avoid cancelling on guests: Take cancellations seriously and try to avoid them – they’re a huge inconvenience
    • Maintain a high overall rating: Guests expect a consistent level of quality, no matter where they book

    Find out how you’re doing in each of these areas by checking on your Performance, which is tracked against the average for all Hosts on Airbnb. Places that consistently fall below average could be subject to penalties.

    Essential amenities

    We strongly encourage you to provide essential amenities in all your places. These are items that guests consider important for a comfortable stay and include toilet paper, towels, linen, pillows, and hand and body soap.

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