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    Add a security deposit to your listing

    In addition to giving you added protection above and beyond Host damage protection, security deposits are part of an effective pricing strategy. We might even require them for certain reservations.

    To add or edit a security deposit:

      1. Go to Listings and click the listing you want
      2. Click Policies and rules and go to Policies
      3. Next to Security deposit, click Edit
      4. Enter an amount between $100 (~£70) and $5,000 USD (~£3,600), then click Save

      Your new security deposit doesn’t retroactively apply to existing reservations, only to those booked in the future. And you’re not able to edit or remove Airbnb-required security deposits.

      Keep transactions on Airbnb

      Security deposits must be handled through Airbnb. Handling them in cash or through a third-party payment platform is a direct violation of our terms of service.

      In mainland China, Host-required security deposits are only supported for a small number of professional Hosts and hotels.

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