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    Airbnb basics

    Cataluña / Barcelona

    You can read this article in Spanish, Catalan, or English.

    The Barcelona City Council enforces strict inspection and control measures to make sure tourist households comply with local regulations. As a host on Airbnb, you’ll need to maintain compliance with local regulations. It’s a good idea to research local discussions about tourism as well.

    Tourist households

    If you rent out directly or indirectly an immediately available living space repeatedly to paying guests for short term stays, it is considered a "tourist household."


    You must register any accommodation you plan to offer as a tourist household before you’re allowed to host guests.

    Advertising your accommodation

    When you register, the Catalonia Tourism Registry assigns a registration number to your accommodation. You’ll need to display your registration number on any type of advertisement for your accommodation, including your Airbnb listing. Listings in cities that require registration have a field where you can easily display your registration number.


    In general, the income you earn from renting your home is taxable. You may also have to collect and pay other taxes to the Treasury.

    Tax on stays in tourist households

    The Generality of Catalonia can help you understand when and how to pay tax to the Treasury.

    Personal income tax

    The Treasury can explain what tax you need to pay when you temporarily rent your own residence to a guest.

    Value added tax (VAT)

    VAT may apply to your rental activity in certain circumstances. The Treasury has information about whether VAT applies to your circumstance.

    Additional information

    There are lots of places you can check out to learn more about regulations in Barcelona and Catalonia. Here are a few examples:

    Check our Frequently Asked Questions for Catalonia for more information.

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