How do I contact a host?

Use the secure messaging feature on Airbnb to find out more about a listing or host before submitting a reservation request. To send a message:

1. Sign up with Airbnb and log in.

2. Click Contact Me on a listing’s page. It's located under the host's profile photo.

3. Enter available calendar dates. If you're not quite sure what dates you'll be travelling, just enter an approximate date range. When it's time to book, you're able to adjust the calendar dates.

Asking questions is a great way to build a rapport, learn about your host’s living preferences, and set your expectations. Make sure to review the listing’s description, reviews, cancellation policy, amenities, and house rules to clarify anything you need with the host. Please remember to keep your communication on Airbnb.

Don’t get discouraged if a host is not responding right away! We recommend messaging a few hosts before submitting a reservation request.

Read more if you are having trouble sending messages.

Example message:

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