Back view of the house with flowers in the garden early summer.Back of the house in early summer.
3 Bed/2 Bath House LogCabin/Saloon 3 Mins off I-81
3 Bed/2 Bath House LogCabin/Saloon 3 Mins off I-81
8 guests
3 bedrooms
3 beds
2 baths
8 guests
3 bedrooms
3 beds
2 baths
Please set the number of adults.
Please set the number of children.
Ages 2 - 12
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Under 2
8 guests maximum. Infants don’t count toward the number of guests.
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This listing is for the whole house (this is NOT a shared space). You get the whole house to yourself unlike many other listings in the area. This is a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house; originally a log cabin and used as a saloon is in the town of Mt. Crawford, just 5 miles south of Harrisonburg. It's the perfect place to stay to explore the Shenandoah Valley or just spend the night if you are passing through since it is only 3 minutes off Interstate 81.

The space

Please read this entire description and view all of the photos prior to booking.

All photos have descriptions (on the bottom of the photo so that you will know what the photo is of). This listing is for the whole house. This is NOT a shared space. You get the whole house to yourself. This is a vacation rental property and not a house that is lived-in. At booking please provide a non-Airbnb email address so the paperwork can be sent in advance.

One night (or more) last minutes reservations gladly accepted. The house is always ready, so if you're just passing through and need a place to spend the night, we'd love to have you stay.

This is a three bedroom, 2 bathroom house on Main St. in the little town of Mt. Crawford. The house was originally a log cabin (and still is beneath the siding). We plan to fully restore it over the coming years and take it back to its original look. The 3 bedrooms are all upstairs. There are two bathrooms, one on each level of the house. There is a fully stocked kitchen (everything but food). You may have some items left in cabinets or fridge from previous guest. Linens and towels are provided as well.

The living room has original hard wood floors and the kitchen has been updated in the past 5 years. There is a full stove/oven, fridge/freezer, dishwasher, coffee maker, toaster & microwave.

The upstairs has carpet which we will remove to expose the original hard wood floors. Since this is an old log cabin, the upstairs hard wood floors are not completely even, but once the carpet is gone, this will really add to the character of the house. :) There are two doors that less than perfect, but we are waiting to replace them until we overhaul the entire floor of the house since we'll be replacing the doors with real wood doors will be authentic to what would have been there when the house was originally built.
Pets are welcome but do have a pet fee of $55 per pet per stay (if you are paying this fee via Airbnb, they do charge a service to pay by credit card). Please let us know if anyone in your group is allergic to pets or allergic to anything else in advance so that we can make proper arrangements before your stay. If you or someone in your group is allergic to pets or anything else (detergent, air fresheners, etc), please let us know in advance so we can discuss this prior to your booking and then also prior to your arrival. We do not use any scented products but we cannot be responsible for what other guests right before your stay may have used. Different cabins and different houses have different scents. Those with fireplaces will have the scent of a wood burning fire. Those with wood will have the scent of wood. We cannot be responsible for determining what you will or will not be sensitive to though. This is truly impossible to determine ahead of time. And yes, this is in here because people complained about the smell of a fireplace in a cabin with a fireplace and the smell of cedar in a cabin with cedar walls. Each cabin and house will have its own unique scent. We do not guarantee that things will be perfect. This house is a work in progress and your staying is helping us restore it back to a log cabin.

There is free WiFi. We are not responsible for Comcast outages or power outages and there will be no refund should those occur since that is out of our control.

Check-in is at 4 pm or later (although not past 10 pm without prior approval and a $20 an hour fee) and check-out is at 11 am or earlier. Please ask in advance if you need an early or late check-in or a late check-out. We do charge for early and late check-ins and late check-out and they are subject to prior approval. There are things you should expect to find such as spider webs (we clean them for every guest but they do reappear quickly), ladybugs, critters, flies, ants, insects or stink bugs during certain times of the year. Every house on the planet has issues from time to time. We do treat regularly for pests, but no place is perfect and we do not guarantee perfection.
The guest booking the property is required to sign a rental contract & provide a copy of valid drivers license or passport either prior to or upon arrival. For this reason, the person who makes the reservation has to be the there at the time of check-in, unless the contract is signed and arrangements are made for someone else to check-in in advance. All pet fee(s), early check-in or late check-out, firewood or extra person fees are not refundable once paid. It always the guests' responsibility to understand where this property is located and the listing clearly states where the property. We are not responsible for guests' booking a property in an area that they didn't mean to book in or in a location that they didn't intend to book. We are also not responsible to determine how far the property is from any other location or area (including not responsible for drive time or distances to and from where the guests will be traveling). Guests acknowledge that they understand and accept where the property is located prior to booking. Please note that I (Steven) personally took every photo for every single one of our listings. Many of our properties are within walking distance of each other so the photos for one cabin will still apply to other cabins too since this is the view and scenery you'll find while hiking the roads and trails nearby. Other photos are of the local Shenandoah Valley scenery and these are the scenes you can expect to find while driving around the Shenandoah Valley. River access is just outback and guests are welcome to access the river, but only at their own risk. They are welcome to swim or fish. The bank is steep to get down to the river. Guests agree that they will access the river and the water at their own risk. There are no lifeguards present.
Guest are not permitted in basements, storage closets, attics, sheds, garages, or the like. Guest are not permitted to move furniture including, but not limited to, couches, beds, tables, coffee tables, end tables, etc.
Heaters must be left on in winter months to avoid frozen pipes. Failure to leave heaters on will result in guest paying for damages. Also, no refund will be given for mechanical, water-well or cistern, weather, Electric, appliances, cable, internet or similar issues or other circumstances. Owners will fix or resolve problems within a reasonable amount of time. Owners or owner's agent is not held responsible for any noise due to water work, road work, cable work, phone work, any utility work, or any other noise or vision pollution at our properties, other properties adjacent to owner properties, or other properties near owner properties

Guests are required to pickup after their pets. Pets are not permitted on any beds or furniture. All pets are required to have current rabies vaccinations displayed on their collars per county and state law. Pets must remain under immediate control of their owners at all times. Guests must not permit any pet to bark or disturb any neighbor or guest at an adjacent property. Pets must be on their leashes while on walks on the roads or off the property at which they are staying. Guests are responsible to wash their own dishes, silverware, pots and pans and run the dishwasher (if the property has one). Because of this all of these items will only be as clean as the last guests left them. There is no possible way for us to check every single thing in the kitchen between every guest. Imagine trying to check every single thing in your kitchen cabinets, while washing all linens, towels and comforters and cleaning the whole house all within 5 hours (the time between check-out and check-in). Linens may still be in the washer or dryer at check-in. We wash all linens, towels and comforters after each reservation and therefore all wash may not be done by the time you arrive for check-in. Also, while all linens, towels and comforters will be washed, we cannot guarantee perfection. We have high end washers and dryers at most properties, but even after being washed and dried it may still be possible to find hair on the linens (this is why pets are not permitted on beds or furniture). Properties are deep cleaned, but not for every reservation. If you look, you will be able to find things that are not perfect, but we cannot deep clean a property between every guests' stay (we only have 5 hours between check-in and check-out to clean the whole house and wash all linens).
By clicking on pet(s), child, or infant you are saying you are bringing them. But, the website doesn't charge for them at booking. Payment is still needed.

The guest booking the property is required to sign a rental contract & provide a copy of valid drivers license or passport either prior to or upon arrival. For this reason, the person who makes the reservation has to be the there at the time of check-in, unless the contract is signed and arrangements are made for someone else to check-in in advance. There will be a fee of $35 for changing the check-in person from the person who made the booking to an alternative guest unless approval is given prior to the booking. Guests failing to provide their valid/working email address to us via the message thread within 24 hours of booking, where the rental agreement can be emailed, will result in a $35 charge. The rental agreement must returned/completed via Docu-sign within 24 hours or less of the guest having received it or there will be another $35 charge. For same day reservations, guests shall have 2 hours to send their email address (without a $35 charge) and one hour to return the rental agreement via Docu-sign (or another $35 charge be assessed). There will be a charge of $30 an hour for guests arriving more than 30 minutes later than the arrival time that they give us on the day of arrival. Arrival times must be sent in the message thread. Reservations may be cancelled with no refund whatsoever if these policies are not followed. Likewise, the there will be a $30 charge for failing to send us notice when they are 30 minutes from arriving at the property. The only exception to this policy will be guests traveling to our Virginia properties via U.S. Route 33 through West Virginia(and guests are required to let us know us know at least 12 hours in advance if they plan to travel via U.S. Route 33 to arrive at our property). Reservations may be cancelled with no refund whatsoever if these policies regarding check-in time, arrival time, email addresses and the rental agreement are not followed. These policies are due to us having to over and over again wait hours and hours for guests who will be late and do not have the courtesy to let us know that their travel plans have changed, which keeps us waiting for them through meal times and it also effects our ability to know where we need to be to get our other guests who have been respectful with their arrival times checked-in on time. We do not want our polite and respectful guests to have to wait or be inconvenienced any longer by our impolite guests.

Illegal drugs will not permitted on our properties under any circumstances. Smoking is not permitted inside any house or cabin or on any screen porch. There will be a $750 charge for any smoking in either of these areas. Drugs being used anywhere on the property will result in a $750 charge. Kegs and hookahs are not permitted anywhere on property under any circumstances. There will be a $500 charge should either of these items (kegs or hookahs) be found on the property (this includes outside areas too). If smoking (inside or on screen porches), illegal drugs (meaning what is illegal in Virginia), keg(s), hookah(s) or fireworks (there is a $250 fine for having fireworks at a property) are found on the property the guest will be asked to leave and there will be no refund whatsoever for any portion of the stay (including any future days/nights). Guests failing to check-out by 11 am agree to pay $50 an hour for a late check-out beginning at 11:01 am. If the guest is still there at 12:00 noon then then the charge is another $50 and so on with each additional hour the guest overstays their reservation. Late check-outs require prior written permission and applicable late check-out fees to be paid.

Firewood is not permitted to be removed from the property when you check-out. It is also not permissible to gather firewood from the woods at the property. Either of these will result in a $50 charge. All bed linens and towels are washed after every single guest. This does not mean that every single hair, piece of lint, etc will come off in the wash. We wish that washing machines got every last thing off the linens, but that is not always the case. Also, detergent, well water and the linens themselves may bleed causing stains. (Well water may also stain toilet, tub, and sink.) If there is a problem with the linens just let us know, and we'll do our best to get you new ones as soon as possible. We give you our promise that everything is washed after every single guest, but that doesn't mean that washing machines and dryers are perfect at removing every last thing from the linens and towels. If there is an issue with the cleanliness of the property just let us know and we will send someone to fix it within a reasonable amount of time. We truly want everything perfect, but please know that nothing is perfect and no cleaner cleans perfectly. Likewise, the floors are swept and mopped after every single guest. Sometimes we sweep the floors 3 or 4 times and still find things on them. We again, promise that they are swept after every guest, but that doesn't mean that they will be perfect. If you search you will surely be able to find something wrong. There will be no refunds for these issues, but rather we will work to fix anything that needs to be fixed within a reasonable time. Again, this is a real cabin, and while there is heat, that does not mean that the cabin will be as warm as your house on very cold days/nights. Likewise, it may not be as cool as your house is in the summertime as well, although the A/C unit does very well in our opinion. We are just stating what should be obvious... that a real cabin is not going to be the same as your house. But then again, isn't that why you booked a real cabin in the forest... because it is unique and different. :)
HEATERS MUST BE LEFT ON IN WINTER MONTHS TO AVOID FROZEN PIPES. Failure to follow will result in guest paying for damages.

Guests agree to all of the terms of this entire listing and there will be no refunds whatsoever (including unused days/nights), if any of these terms are not followed and the guest chooses to either cancel, not check-in, leave early or is asked to leave the property due to violating these terms.
Long Term Guest, staying more than three weeks, will be required to pay utilities.

Guest access

No check-ins or checkouts on Thanksgiving or Christmas Day.

Interaction with guests

We'd ask that you really read this profile, preferably before you book... we believe it will help our guests better understand who we are and set proper expectations for your stay as well. We challenge you to find more honest listings on this site (or any site). We list the faults of our properties and have extremely detailed listings (and we ask that our guests would take a few minutes to read them). When you rent one of our properties, you get the whole house (not a shared or private room). Again, we never rent out shared spaces, you get the whole house, cabin, inn or cottage.

We are not a big company. In fact, we're not a company yet. We are just a husband and wife who are trying our best to create great places for people to vacation or staying while traveling through the area. We do have a couple of cleaners now and someone who helps with check-ins, but we are in the process of hiring a reservations person, a cleaning supervisor and someone to live on site in Virginia and do maintenance for the Virginia properties. When you stay at one of our properties, know that we (Katie & I) are not even at the point of drawing a salary yet and you will be partnering with us to restore these properties. We put every last cent right back into our properties and live much more modestly than anyone else we know. Because of this, please don't book one of our properties if you intend to cancel or if you cannot stay for some reason. We count on the money from the bookings to pay our bills and mortgages and we just cannot afford to offer refunds or alter reservations once they've been made. This is our livelihood and not extra spending money like it is for most Airbnb hosts.

We have four daughters and another baby on the way. Our oldest is 6, we have another who is 3, one who is 2 and our newest arrival, our 4th daughter is now one. We always wait to find out if we're having a boy or a girl. :) We came to Virginia from Texas for me (Steven) to finish my college degree and Katie was a middle school teacher until 2013. We fell into the vacation rental business accidentally when we bought the cabin next to our house to keep it from falling into disarray and had to figure out how to make the mortgage payment on it. So we started by renting out that first cabin in June of 2011 and we now both do this full time while raising our girls. This is far harder than anything either of us has ever done and we are now at 5+ years without a single day off. The term, "the innkeeper never sleeps" is how I would describe our lives (it is 2:43 am when I writing this). This is all we do every single day of the year. If you need something (even on Christmas or any other holiday) we (or our staff) is almost always available to help, but keep in mind that there are only two of us right now that respond to all emails and phone calls. We do have some cleaners and another employee who helps check-in guests though. And please be kind... we never get a day off (and we mean never) and the demands of what we do is nearly overwhelming. We'd also like to make sure that our guests know that Katie & I both run Fire/Rescue as volunteers in our "spare time" so there may be times when we are unavailable due to being on an emergency call. As soon as we are done with whatever emergency call we're on, we'll be happy to assist you though.

When you rent one of our properties, know that your money is going to toward future renovations and improvements. Also, if you plan on cancelling at some point before your stay, please think twice before booking one of our properties. We count on the rental income to pay or mortgages and all of the other bills associated with the properties, which are extensive. Our goal this year is to hire a full time business manager to help us out. :) Also, please note that Airbnb's messaging system does not always work... and even if it is working, there are just two of us... two... answering every message and inquiry and responding to guests. We're not always on the computer and some of our properties and the areas we travel through to get to them, are in areas where some of our cell phones don't work, so we are not always available due to technological reasons and even when we are available... there are just two of us right now...

Again, with that in mind, please know though that we're not a big company and we have no outside investors yet... Meaning, things are not going to be perfect (although we sincerely hope to get everything perfect in the future). We personally own every property that we rent out. Again our cabins, cottages and houses are not perfect, but they do have character, history & warmth. And we've listed them with lots of details and descriptions about what to expect. Our listings are accurate. Your staying with us helps us further the restore all of our properties to their original condition (with appropriate modern updates that are appropriate in keeping with the history of the property). We believe that we are far more honest than any of the competition when it comes to our properties' listings. You will find full descriptions of each property that list the good and the bad (again, our properties are not perfect, but that is only because we do not yet have the finances to make them perfect... they will all get there though as funds permit). Our properties are always improving though since we put every last dime back into the business to keep improving things. We say all of this, because quite a few of our past guests seem to have the impression that we're "loaded"!

If you are looking to stay someplace that is unique then you'll love it here. If you are looking for perfection or prone to finding things to complain about, then this may not be a good fit for you. Our cabins, cottages and houses are real cabins, cottages and older houses. In many cases our properties are historic and require a lot of thought about how to make improvements, while maintaining the historical characteristics. There are lots of improvements we would like to make if money wasn't an issue, but the character of most of our places is difficult to find elsewhere. Katie says I'll never be satisfied and keep wanting to make improvements to our rentals (and she is most likely correct). :) As I said above, none of our properties are perfect, but we believe our service is second to none (but please keep in mind that there are only two of us). All we really ask is of our guests is that you be kind and understand that we are only two people and we promise we're doing our best.

We believe in treating others as you want to be treated. And in most cases, if you cannot say anything nice, it is better to say nothing at all. Extend grace generously. That being said, we're not going to back down if we believe we are right and we'll call it as we see it. Again, we have all of our listings described in far more detail than any other Airbnb listings we've ever read. We will be super hospitable and respond to all requests that are "reasonable", but that doesn't mean that we will allow ourselves to be pushed around or taken advantage of though either. Our listings are honest and extremely detailed.

Also, we cannot fix problems that we do not know exist, so please let us know if there is something we can do to make your stay more enjoyable. And please do this before you check-out. Leaving comments in a review about something we could have fixed while you were staying is extremely frustrating and disappointing and will most likely result in us leaving a negative review in response. Be fair and give us the opportunity to fix whatever is wrong. But please make sure that you read the listing before complaining. We have cleaners who are available most days during normal business hours to assist you if something isn't right if we aren't available. Again, if there is something we can do something to make your stay more enjoyable.... please let us know. :) But we ask that you be polite in asking... making demands is not the way to go about it... be nice to us and we'll gladly be nice in return. It's sad that we even have to put all of this in here and it only a small portion of guests who have unreasonable expectations, but we felt the need to include this in our profile.
Late check-ins, after 10 pm, without prior approval in writing on the message thread come with a fee of $30 an hour.

There is a fee of $35 to switch reservation dates, if we agree to the request, plus the price of the difference. Prices will not be reduced for shortened stays or less expensive dates.

Other things to note

By clicking on pet, child, or infant you are saying you are bringing them. But, the website doesn't charge for them at booking. Payment is still needed. Please, no pets on the furniture...beds, couches, etc.
Pre-approvals do not include pet, infant, or late check-in fees.
All pet fee(s), early check-in or late check-out, firewood or extra person fees are not refundable once paid. All extra fees are the cash or check prices. Airbnb charges extra fees to pay these charges using their site and this is not something we can control. Checks are welcome but there is a $5 charge to use a check due to past problems we've had with accepting checks. Returned checks will be assessed a $50 returned check charge as well as any other applicable attorney fees or court costs required to collect the payment along with the original amount of the check that was returned. Kids need to be counted in the amount of people included in the reservation, no matter their age. Each person is charged for not each adult. Failure to show up/check in or contact owner before midnight of day of arrival will result in cancellation. Host reserve the right to re-book property if guest does NOT contact owner.

All pet fee(s), early check-in or late check-out, firewood or extra person fees are not refundable once paid. Checks are welcome but there is a $5 charge to use a check due to past problems we've had with accepting checks. Returned checks will be assessed a $50 returned check charge as well as any other applicable attorney fees or court costs required to collect the payment along with the original amount of the check that was returned. Guests are not permitted to trespass on any land that we do not own or any other property owners land to access the rivers or the national forest. Guests are staying at our cabins are not permitted to access/go to "Blue Hole" (a local swimming hole), whereas the only way to access that site is by trespassing on other property owners land. We own numerous places to access the rivers and the national forest and must stay on our land or on national forest land at all times. Failure to adhere to these rules will result in termination of the rental agreement.

Short Term Rental Agreement:
This SHORT TERM Rental Agreement is made by and between: (“Homeowner”) and __________________ (“Guest”) effective upon accepting the conditions, terms and agreements agreed to upon initially submitting either the deposit or the full payment amount at the time of booking. For good and valuable consideration, the sufficiency of which is acknowledged, the parties hereby agree as follows:
1. Property: The property is located at:

2. This short term rental is furnished and includes: refrigerator and stove/oven combo.
Rental Party: The rental party shall consist of Guest and the following persons:
Name:___________________, Address:_________________________







3. Maximum Occupancy: The maximum number of guests is limited to __4___ non-related persons or
__4___ related persons. An additional charge of up to $35 per person per night for guests in addition to 2 may be applied to the cost of the stay. This property is NOT allowed to be considered as a permanent residence by any guest. The property is a short term rental property. If extra guests are found to have spent the night without prior approval by owner, the rental agreement/reservation/stay will be subject to termination immediately and no refund shall be given. Subletting this property or the attempt to sublet this property is cause for immediate termination of the rental agreement/reservation with no refund.Check-in is 4 pm to 10 pm. Late check-ins and checkouts with prior approval, before booking, are $20 an hour. $30 an hour without prior approval and possible cancellation of the reservation.
4. Term of the short term rental agreement: The agreement begins on _______________,(the
“Arrival Date”) and ends on __________________(the “Departure Date”).
5. Minimum Stay: This property requires a minimum 1 to 4 night stay depending upon the season. Longer minimum stays may be required during holiday periods and weekends. If a guest ends up staying for less than 1 day, the guest will still be charged for the entire length of time that they reserved the property. There are no refunds, discounts or credits for late arrivals or for early departure for any reason.
6. Rental Rules: Guest agrees to abide by all of the terms and conditions of this SHORT TERM rental agreement at all times and shall cause all members of the rental party and anyone else “Guest(s)” permits on the property to abide by the following rules at all times while at the property. It is the “Guest(s)” legal responsibility to inform anyone that they allow to access the property of all terms, conditions and rules regarding all/any use of the property, including use of ingress and egress to the property. This is a SHORT TERM rental agreement and is not subject to the process of eviction through the court system by Code (PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN) D. By signing the guest is stating that they understand this and that a sheriff’s deputy, police officer, or other law officer has the authority to escort them from the property and/or grounds without court proceedings.
7. Access: Guest shall allow “Homeowner” or any other authorized agent of the Homeowner to access to the property for purposes of repair and inspection at any time. Homeowner and/or their agent shall exercise this right of access in a reasonable manner. Homeowner has right to access barn yard, driveways, unfinished basements, garages, storage units, etc. without informing renter.
8. Rental Rate and Fees: Payment is required according to the payment schedule above. Full payment is always due for access to the property to be given. If the premises appear dirty or damaged upon Arrival, Guest shall inform Homeowner immediately (within 15 minutes) of arrival.
9. Cancellation Policy: Our cancellation policy is: If Guest wishes to cancel his/her reservation the deposit/payment for stay will be refunded as follows: 0% if canceled or failure to show up for any reason. No refunds for JMU Events or Holiday Bookings (No refund or credit for stay shall be given due to early departure or for failure to show up and/or check-in). The property will be locked upon your arrival. The owners or owner’s agent will meet you at the property to let you in unless other arrangements have been made in advance, so YOU must contact owners in advance to let them know when you are arriving (4 pm to 10 pm.) If no contact is made in advance by email and/or no call by midnight the day of arrival, then the reservation will be duly cancelled. Failure to contact owners to set up check-in time prior to arrival date or failure to show up before midnight the day of arrival without contacting owner constitutes a cancellation. Homeowners reserve the right to re-book the cabin for the dates guest reserved the cabin for if no contact has been made or if guest fails to show up by midnight the day of arrival. (Guest are permitted to arrive after mid night but must confirm the time in writing with owner PRIOR to the arrival.)
10. Insurance: We encourage all renters to purchase traveler insurance and cancellation insurance. You hereby acknowledge that this option has been presented to you before booking.
11. Payment:. Checks may not be used for reservation that are less than 10 days away from the time of booking. Late payments result in immediate termination of stay/reservation/rental agreement.
For reservations more than 20 days away we may accept checks via the mail. Please make checks out to owners.
Rental Rules:
1. Smoking is NOT allowed inside the property or any enclosed areas (screened or glass). Any smoking items must be extinguished and then disposed of properly. No remnants of smoking shall be left at cabin or anywhere on the grounds or surrounding areas. Any evidence of smoking in cabin or improperly disposing of cigarettes, cigars or any other tobacco products shall be cause for immediate termination of this rental agreement/stay/reservation.
2. People other than those in the Guest party set forth above may stay overnight in the property with the prior written approval of the owners. Any other person in, on, near the property or any adjacent property is the sole responsibility of Guest. Guest shall not cause or allow unreasonable loud noise or activity that might disturb the comforts of other persons renting or living in the area. Persons found to be staying other than those in this agreement will occur a charge of $35 per person for known number of nights person stayed and immediate termination of rental agreement will occur.
Noise shall be kept to a minimum at all times. Special care shall be taken to be very quiet during quiet hours. Failure to respect either quiet hours (9 p.m. To 9 a.m.) or to adhere to Homeowner's/Homeowner's Authorized Agent's request to lower the noise volume shall be cause for immediate termination of the rental agreement/stay/reservation.
3. All of the properties are privately owned; and the owners are not responsible for any accidents, injuries or illness that occurs while on any premises, facilities or on roads, trails or any property whatsoever. Homeowners/Homeowners Agent(s) are not responsible for any loss or damage of any kind to/of personal belongings, vehicles or valuables of the guest or any member of their party. By accepting this short term rental agreement it is agreed that all guests are expressly assuming the risk of any harm arising from any use of the premises by themselves or by others in their party. Party shall be defined as any person(s) who stays overnight, visits, or accesses the property in any manner, whether such person is invited by the Guest or not.
4. Guest agrees to keep the property and all furnishings in good order (same as are when they arrived). Any damage or issue with the property must be immediately reported to the Homeowner upon Guests arrival or within 15 minutes of arrival. If guest is found to have damage property during inspection guest will be charged for item and possible termination of reservation/stay/rental agreement.
5. Only use appliances for their intended uses. Improper use may lead to termination of stay/reservation/rental agreement and payment to repair or replace item will be responsibility of guest.
6. PETS are permitted only with prior approval. A pet fee of up to $89, per pet, may applied to cost of stay. Failure to disclose or obtain prior permission to bring pets may result in immediate termination of the rental agreement. This includes not disclosing the correct number of pets and/or the type of pet prior to arrival. Damage and/or injury due to pets will be paid by guest. If pets are to be proven violent or cause injury, immediate termination of short rental agreement/reservation will occur.
7. Housekeeping: There is no daily housekeeping service. While linens and bath towels are included in the property for nightly or weekend rentals only, daily maid service is not included in the rental rate. Sorry we do not permit towels or linens to be taken from the property under any circumstances. An inspection of the property and grounds will be done weekly.
9. Fireplace/Firepit: Outdoor fire: Burning Laws in Brief § (PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN). Regulating the burning of woods, brush, etc.; penalties. No burning until after 4:00 p.m. February 15 through April 30 of each year, if the fire is in or within 300 feet of woodland, brushland or field containing dry grass or other flammable material. Fire shall not be left unattended if within 150 feet of woodland, brushland or fields containing dry grass. No new fires set or fuel added after midnight. Law applies to campfires, warming fires, brush piles, leaves, household trash, stumps, fields of broomstraw and brush or anything capable of spreading fire. The law provides for a penalty of up to $500, plus payment of court costs and fire suppression costs if the fire escapes. Firewood must be purchased from owners. If using firepit without owner consent, a fine will be charge up to $500 and immediate termination of reservation/rental agreement may occur.
10. Water and Septic/City: The property is on city water, well, or cistern. DO NOT FLUSH anything other than toilet paper down the toilet. Please DO NOT flush any wipe or moist towelette of any kind even if it says flushable. No feminine products should be flushed down the toilet at any time. If it is found that feminine products or other improper material have been flushed down the toilet and clog the septic system, Guest will be charged damages of the cost of repair or replace. The well water may smell like sulfur/iron at times. There may be an orange/brown color to the water due to iron and/or sulfur.
11. Guest represents that he/she is more than 21 years old and that this entire agreement has been reviewed.
12. LEFT ITEMS: A $25.00 fee, plus shipping cost, applies to any Lost and Found items that are requested to be returned to Guests. Items found and not claimed within 15 days will be disposed of at the owner's discretion. Owners are under no obligation to return left items. Guest are NOT permitted to get mail at any mailbox at any of owner’s properties. Guest must get their mail sent to a PO Box or location other than the short term rental properties. Property address shall not now or ever be used to establish permanent residency. This is a short term rental and not subject to residency establishment.
14. Do not park on the grass, across the street from the house, or in the street. Guest is only allowed to park in designated areas.
15. Emergencies: If there is an emergency, the renter will first contact the local authorities via 911. Then contact the owners. If there is a non-emergency issue, contact owners directly as soon as issue occurs.
16. ZERO TOLERANCE: Guest and the members of his/her party shall not use or permit to be brought onto the property any illegal controlled substances, firearms, or items hazardous to persons or property. If unlawful or illegal use of firearms, illegal substances, or hazardous items is found, it will result in immediate termination of the reservation/rental agreement. Guest are not permitted to intoxicated by any substance in the property or on the property grounds. If guest or any person in guest’s party is found to be intoxicated or under the influence of drugs or alcohol in any way, immediate termination of the reservation/stay/rental agreement will occur. Any filing, attorney, and/or court fees accrued for any reason will be paid by guest.
17. Guest agrees to: Leave the premises in the same order as found; to return keys to OWNER/AGENT on departure either in person or in lockbox and not to exceed the maximum number of people, cars, pets or other limits as agreed to herein. Water and lights must be turned off at departure. Guest must leave heaters on in the winter time. If heaters are not left on and damage to pipes or other water related items, guest will be responsible for payment to fix these items. If more than the pre-approved number of people are found to occupy the premises, or excessive cleanup is required additional charges for extra persons, linens and maid service will be levied against the GUEST. Such determination will be made at the sole discretion of the Homeowner/Homeowner's Authorized Agent. Guest agrees to the reasonable costs of collection, including attorney fees, if necessary to collect money in the event of damage to the property or violation to the rental agreement. Visitors of the GUEST will be the responsibility of the Guest and must follow all the same rules as the Guest.
18. Also, no refund will be given for immediate terminate of rental agreement/reservation or issues with weather, mechanics, appliances, road conditions, heater, air conditioner, water, cable, internet or other such items or other circumstances. Owners will try to fix or resolve problems within a reasonable amount of time. Owners or owner's agent is not held responsible for any noise or mess due to water work, road work, cable work, phone work, any utility work, or any other noise or vision pollution at our properties, other properties adjacent to owner properties, or other properties near owner properties. Consumption of raw or undercooked eggs should be avoided, especially by young children, elderly persons, and persons with weakened immune systems or debilitating illness.
19. We reserve the right to remodel, makes changes, alterations, improvements, redecorate and rearrange the property at any time. The property may not appear exactly like it does in the photos when you arrive for check-in due to these possible changes. This is a real house. There may be critters, snakes, insects, bugs, spiders, or animals in or around the house. We do our best to ensure the properties are free of these things, but we cannot guarantee it. Please let us know if critters are found in or around the property.
20. Owners are not held liable for any injury due to the farm animals. Renters agree that they are feeding or petting animals at their own risk. Farm animals are not to be ridden on.
By my signature below (or by checking the box at the time of payment and electronically accepting this agreement), I hereby agree to ALL of the payments, terms and conditions of this SHORT TERM rental agreement. I agree that ALL rental monies are non-refundable per the cancellation policy above and due on the dates listed above. Any fees (court, filing, attorney, etc.) accrued to collect monetary rental payment will be levied against the GUEST.
I have read my rights to purchase travel and cancellation insurance.
I, the guest, agree to the terms of this SHORT TERM Rental Agreement, as evidenced by the signature(s) set forth below (or by electronically accepting this agreement). Any filing, attorney, and/or court fees accrued for any reason will be paid by guest.
Any termination of the rental agreement results in immediate vacating of the property and no refund will be given. Owners reserve the right to move guest to a different property with same as amounts of bedrooms for remodeling needs.
Disclaimer: Not responsible for errors on the website listings. The contract is the sole representation of the property and all information regarding how the property is described.
Please read the entire contract carefully.
Required: Provide Copy of each person’s Driver's License now. Failure to provide government issued photo id (driver’s license or the like) will result in immediate termination of rental agreement/reservation without refund. Also, provide Make, Model, and License Plate Number of vehicle now.
_________________________________________________ Date:

__________________________________________________ Date:__


Sleeping arrangements
Bedroom 1
1 queen bed
Bedroom 2
1 double bed
Bedroom 3
1 double bed
Common spaces
1 couch

House Rules
No smoking
No parties or events
Check in time is 4PM - 10PM
Check out by 11AM

No smoking on porch or in house. Noise must be kept down so as to not disturb any neighbors.
No Parties, Hookahs or Beer pong. Check-in is 4 pm to 10 pm and check-out is at 11 am or earlier. Please ask in advance if you need an early or late check-in or out. We do charge for early and late check-ins/outs. Check-ins after 10 pm do require a $20 an hour fee and must have pre-approval.
Heaters must be left on in winter months.


49 Reviews

Check In
Alastair User Profile
June 2015
Lovely house, great people, clean & tidy. Great job!

Maggie User Profile
August 2017
Comfortable bed! One of the best I've slept on in an airbnb. And a great backyard! Awesome washer and dryer!! And after the last place I stayed I really appreciated that! Super easy check in. Comfortable place to stay. Surprisingly quiet since it's right on Rte. 11. Love love love the backyard and the w/d!! Thanks for a great week of sleep!! Oh... great fenced in deck for my pup to hang out on, too. He loved it. Dog friendly places with actually dog friendly things are nice to find. Thanks again.

Mohit User Profile
August 2017
We had a good stay for 3 days here. Katie was polite and was there to receive us. The only issue was the traffic noice but other than that it's a decent house.

Zoie User Profile
August 2017
This house is tucked into the country side among a strip of quaint little houses off of 81. River is right down the street, there is basically a petting zoo in the backyard with fainting goats and ponies (which was so fun),and you can feed them hay! The house is clean and cozy, with a nice deck and front porch to breathe in the country air. The floors are uneven, the foundation is obviously very settled. Not a big deal. Bedrooms and bathrooms were nice and tidy. TV's don't work at all, you can play DVDS though. Great place to get away and unplug.

Laura User Profile
July 2017
The cabin in spacious, well equiped and very charming. It is a perfect spot for trips into the Shenandoah National Park. Katie and Steven welcomed us very warm and explained us everything. All in all a perfect stay!

Rayna User Profile
July 2017
Rapid response with booking request. The floors were a little uneven and stairs lean so just be careful walking around and going up stairs. Beds were comfortable and had wifi access. We were passing through traveling on interstate and it was convenient to I-81 access.

Nate User Profile
June 2017
We stayed for a weekend wedding. Comfortable beds, convenient to attractions. Had everything thing we needed: coffee pot, silverware, cups, etc...There is some road noise but it wasn't too bad. Reminded me of good smells in my grandmas house!

Linville, Virginia, United StatesJoined in October 2012
Katie & Steven Robert User Profile
We'd ask that you really read this profile, preferably before you book... we believe it will help our guests better understand who we are and set proper expectations for your stay as well. We challenge you to find more honest listings on this site (or any other site for that matt…
Languages: English
Response rate: 100%
Response time: within an hour

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