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Top bookstore recommendations from locals

Cocktail Bar
“Finest drinks and “people of berlin” to meet there, just 3 stations away by M1”
  • 111 locals recommend
Vietnamese Restaurant
“Great Asian food and Sushi, in a really buzzing and see-and-be-seen cool-vibe place.”
  • 107 locals recommend
Vietnamese Restaurant
“Laid-back Vietnamese restaurant with orange walls, banquette seating & daily chalkboard specials.”
  • 120 locals recommend
“Clärchens Ballroom (German: Clärchens Ballhaus) is a building, formerly a ballroom and now an authentic restaurant/biergarten, and unconventional nightclub for all generations, on Auguststraße in the Berlin-Mitte district of Berlin, Germany. It has protected status as a Berliner Kulturdenkmal (cultural monument).”
  • 114 locals recommend
“Bar and café in an urban ambience with live music, DJs, art and retro furniture. ”
  • 96 locals recommend
Thai Restaurant
“Fusion Thai/Asian tapas-type modern restaurant. Good food in small portions so you can try many dishes.”
  • 77 locals recommend
Wine Bar
“Amazing wine bar, great location right at the park and you pay whatever you think is appropiate!”
  • 85 locals recommend
Ramen Restaurant
“Great place for Ramen! You cannot make a reservation and the place is tiny, so be prepared to wait a little :)”
  • 68 locals recommend
“Our favorite location for weekend breakfast Everything is fresh, and homemade, plus you can see how they make the breads behind a glas windows. The freshly baked bread is the best. The colleagues are nice too. A little (just a little) expensive, but if you can afford it, breakfast is always saved.”
  • 83 locals recommend
Italian Restaurant
“Italian fare in a trendy pizzeria with graffiti art and a large outdoor area in the style of a beer garden.”
  • 74 locals recommend
“Coworking space and 2-story bar-restaurant, in a 19th-century building, with a daily changing menu, snacks & bagels.”
  • 90 locals recommend
Burger Restaurant
“great salmon burgers, sweet potato fries, but it can be a little crowded tho”
  • 73 locals recommend
“Very cute little French cafe. Perfect place to have a nice breakfast on a sunny day outside watching people passing by the so-called "Casting Allee" (actually called Kastanienallee). And equally nice if its raining, since its so cozy.”
  • 71 locals recommend
Swiss Restaurant
“Swiss restaurant serving traditional Swiss dishes. Open for breakfast, lunch or dinner. ”
  • 79 locals recommend
“1914 founded repertory theater with main auditorium, studio and two salon areas.”
  • 52 locals recommend
Dim Sum Restaurant
“Dumplings - extremely stylish place, I always recommend people visit the bathroom if they go to the restaurant... they have something a la Stanley Kubrick”
  • 62 locals recommend