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Top bookstore recommendations from locals

“Without a doubt the most famous church in Milan, Santa Maria delle Grazie is known for housing one of the most beautiful masterpieces ever made, the painting of the Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci. Leonardo da Vinci painted the Last Supper in the refectory of the monastery, now called “Cenacolo” in reference to the masterpiece. Thousands of tourists come every year to admire this painting representing the last meal of Jesus Christ.”
  • 253 locals recommend
Science Museum
“A renewed museum dedicated to one of the most brilliant inventor of the world. The tour is in particular dedicated to children with hands-on interactive tools to reveals them the secrets of mechanic, physics , chemistry etc.”
  • 135 locals recommend
“In line with constant efforts on the part of the municipal authorities to preserve the memory of the economic and social processes that have shaped the city’s identity, the Milan City Council took steps in 1990 to buy the old Ansaldo industrial plant at Porta Genova and use it for cultural services. The disused factories, authentic monuments of industrial archaeology, have been converted into studios, workshops and new creative spaces. In continuity with its original vocation but also in response to the need for recognition and revaluation manifested by the foreign communities that have found opportunities to develop and put down roots in the city, the Milan Council decided to create the Mudec Museum of Cultures in the old Ansaldo area to house and display the municipal collections of ethnographic material. ”
  • 90 locals recommend
Art Museum
“Mural of the last supper, masterpiece by Leonardo da Vinci, painted in the late 15th century.”
  • 98 locals recommend
“One of the most ancient churches in Milan, it was built by St. Ambrose in 379–386, in an area where numerous martyrs of the Roman persecutions had been buried. The first name of the church was in fact Basilica Martyrum. The church is mostly built in brickwork of different origins and colors, with parts of stone and white plastering. The current Romanesque church was begun around 1080.”
  • 123 locals recommend
“Pizzeria Capatosta excellent pizza napoletana and traditional appetizers from the south of Italy”
  • 79 locals recommend
“It is the most famous representation of the Last Supper, Leonardo's masterpiece and the Italian Renaissance in general preserved in the former refectory of the Renaissance convent.”
  • 128 locals recommend
“Lively nightlife of Milan along the two canals... Bars with wide range of food and drinks, great cocktail places, pizzeria and live music... Recommended to visit...”
  • 107 locals recommend
Shopping Centre
“I have always lived in the area and therefore Corso Vercelli is in my DNA I think it is one of the most beautiful streets in Milan Full of nice shops, always crowded and full of life Absolutely to take a walk”
  • 57 locals recommend
“Navigli is famous for its twin canals and cobbled streets lined with contemporary art galleries and vintage shops. The neighborhood is at the center of the Milanese nightlife and offers various dining options, including pizzerias and trattorias on the canals. The flea market in Viale Papiniano and the Antiques Market held every month attract those looking for leather accessories, jewelry and antiques.”
  • 68 locals recommend
Cocktail Bar
“great cocktails & wine served with good appetizers.Nice ambience, call to reserve, you can also eat!”
  • 80 locals recommend
Ice Cream Shop
“Il più buon gelato di Milano ! Unico ! An absolutely special ice cream ! there are only two shops in town and this is one ! ”
  • 99 locals recommend
Cocktail Bar
“Definitely the best cocktail bar on Navigli This bar reminds the years of prohibitism with waiters dressed in suspenders, vintage objects and very intense flavors. Every few months the menu changes, from the banking world theme, to the travel world, up to the zodiac signs. Very interesting cocktails, special place ... definitely recommended if you are in the area.”
  • 78 locals recommend
“Very nice park! If you want to swim, there's a beautiful public pool in the middle of the park.”
  • 44 locals recommend
Italian Restaurant
“Elegant restaurant with a spacious atrium and a huge veranda full of greenery, from the traditional Milanese menu. Special prices for lunch, with a different entrance from “Il Caffè del binari”. Great also for a classic breakfast: coffee and croissant ”
  • 46 locals recommend
“Uno dei pochi cinema sopravvisuti in città One of the few cinema in the city center”
  • 25 locals recommend