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Top bookstore recommendations from locals

Art Museum
“An art museum in Montpellier featuring centuries old paintings and other historic art.”
  • 184 locals recommend
Botanical Garden
“Un des plus vieux jardins botaniques d'Europe (il est lié à l'université de médecine). Attention aux horaires (fermé les matins et le lundi). -------- One of the oldest botanical gardens in Europe (linked to the Medicine University). Be careful with the opening hours (e.g. closed in the morning and on Mon).”
  • 160 locals recommend
Shopping Centre
“Great all in one shopping mall with popular affordable brands and the Gallery Lafayette.”
  • 89 locals recommend
Shopping Centre
“Supermarkets, Apple Store and boutiques - easy to park - it's got everything a shopper will need.”
  • 130 locals recommend
“Gorgeous plaza with access to great shops and restaurants. Amazing view of the l'Opera and the Gaumont Cinema.”
  • 112 locals recommend
Pedestrian Plaza
“An elevated park for walking, sitting, and picnicking. An excellent view of part of the city and the historic aqueduct. Exceptional views throughout the day and evening, especially at sunset.”
  • 140 locals recommend
Public Art
“A nice free conceptual art exhibition. It also has a good cafe that is great for kids and a great spacious courtyard. Its sister museum (near gare St Roch), called M.O.C.O that opened in the summer of 2019, is a worthwhile visit too and has a beautiful garden.”
  • 149 locals recommend
“A magnificent cathedral to visit. When visiting, walk around the exterior and then see the interior.”
  • 55 locals recommend
Point of Interest
“Le théâtre de Montpellier propose des spectacles et concerts toute l'année !”
  • 32 locals recommend
“Once inside, you enter a wonderful underwater world. Follow the route and visit the different oceans of the world. In the middle you will find a huge aquarium where you can spot sharks! ”
  • 35 locals recommend
“The most famous square in the city, with beautiful buildings including the opera house and restaurants on the square.”
  • 93 locals recommend
Art Gallery
“A beautiful quiet little place with a fountain, an Irish pub and a little delicatessen bistro.”
  • 41 locals recommend
Cocktail Bar
“Les meilleurs cocktails de la ville (compter au minimum 10 euros pour un cocktail) Best cocktails in the city (one cocktail cost at the minimum 10 euros)”
  • 45 locals recommend
Concert Hall
“The oldest nightclub in the city. Rock and electro. Locals are very attached to this place... Free entrance”
  • 53 locals recommend
“If the weather is acting bad in Montpellier this is a great cinema full of world movies with original languages and/or subtitles”
  • 53 locals recommend
“At any stage of the day this is a lovely place to sit on the steps and people watch, it gets even more fun as the sunsets and people hang out to have a drink al fresco!”
  • 47 locals recommend