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Top recommendations from locals

From sightseeing to hidden gems, find out what makes the city unique with the help of the locals who know it best.

“Stony beach but good for swimming with a floating dock for diving off. Can also have wind surfing etc. Restaurant a bit hit and miss. Sometimes good, sometimes full of flies.”
  • 14 locals recommend
“Great selection of olives, olive oil and olive related products! The guided visit of the production facility is very interesting!”
  • 19 locals recommend
“Chantouvent Restaurant is particularly lovely perched on the end of the gorge.”
  • 79 locals recommend
“For a nice short day trip out of Narbonne to see this historic French town, no cars allowed. You park and walk in this mid-evil city. This restaurant is amazing and reserve ahead for a table outside with view of the gorge ”
  • 8 locals recommend
  • 2 locals recommend
“A beautiful chapel set where a stream emerges from a gorge. Originally sacred to Artemis and now, Mary, in the old tradition of such water sources being associated with healing etc. Picnic area shaded by nine mature plane trees. Interesting for rock climbers but a stroll up into the gorge is interesting enough.”
  • 6 locals recommend
“Great food, great music, great hosts family friendly - on my top 3 list for the area”
  • 7 locals recommend
“This is the finest example among the several hundred dolmen in the region. Good picnic area. From the orientation it is likely the sun entered the chamber at the winter solstice. However, as it is now contained in a pine grove this phenomenon is presumably no longer possible.”
  • 3 locals recommend
“For lovers of Gourmet French cuisine. Lovely food. Prices reflect the standard.”
  • 4 locals recommend
“Ce restaurant est dirigé par 3 sœurs très sympathiques . Elles vous servirent les plats authentiques avec produits frais inclus du potager de la famille. Un vieux cave de vin transformer avec gout an restaurant.”
  • 4 locals recommend
French Restaurant
  • 1 local recommends
“A twelfth century church with a unique heptagonal shape which shows influences from the Levant. Of especial interest it is the only complete building attributed to the famous sculptor, Le maître de Cabestany, and contains several of his signature works. ”
  • 2 locals recommend
“New state of the art swimming facility with indoor and outdoor facilities. ”
  • 2 locals recommend
  • 1 local recommends