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Top grocery store recommendations from locals

Gourmet Shop
“It’s so hard to choose among the Sicilian treasures sold in this tiny specialty shop: olive oils, smoked fish, anchovies. Sometimes after I’m done shopping I stay for an aperitivo. It’s just like Sicily: only the bay laurels and Barbary fig trees are missing. I love their Bianca olive oil: It’s light, delicate, and has a taste of lemon. Add some olives, fennel seeds, and red pepper and it’s delicious.”
  • 23 locals recommend
“Some of the best crèpes in Paris. In that street there is also Canoniere wine bar and Anna at the corner with good food and atmosphere.”
  • 13 locals recommend
Organic Grocery
“Fancy organic store, here you will find coconut yogurt, good gluten free bread...”
  • 16 locals recommend
Organic Grocery
“Bio/Organic supermarket (good for vegan, gluten-free products, vegetables, fruits)”
  • 7 locals recommend
Organic Grocery
“Organic tasteful food from local producers Small shop but you will find everything you need for your stay”
  • 12 locals recommend
“Lost all your socks, toothpaste, and inspirations? Monoprix has the answers, if you have a credit card.”
  • 89 locals recommend
  • 1 local recommends
“ They don't have the best quality food inside but you it's open till 11pm in week and till 0:30 am in week-ends and fridays”
  • 54 locals recommend
Health Food Store
  • 1 local recommends
“La boucherie la moins chère de Paris avec de super produits ! The cheapest butcher shop in Paris with great products !”
  • 3 locals recommend
Deli / Bodega
  • 2 locals recommend
“Monoprix is a big supermarket in Paris , where you can get groceries , even cosmetics and clothes. ”
  • 25 locals recommend
Corner Shop
“The nearest convenient store. Open from Mon. to Sat. from 8:00 - 22:00; and on Sun. from 9:00 - 22:00. ”
  • 22 locals recommend
  • 6 locals recommend
“The Monoprix chain offers good quality products and service, while keeping a reasonable price. That's where I shop!”
  • 24 locals recommend
“Great place to buy all the food and alcoohol you need. You can find anything you want including traditional french products. The quality is good but if you want very good cheese for exemple you have to go in a "fromagerie"”
  • 21 locals recommend