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Best things to do in Antigua Guatemala

Discover the city according to locals. Find the best things to do, places to eat, and get priceless advice from the people who live here.

“A large cross is prominent on a hill to the north of the city (Cerro de la Cruz). It is a pleasant, moderately strenuous 30-min walk to the cross from the Parque Central. On a clear day there is a fine vista over most of Antigua and the Volcán de Agua rising high to the south. Hill of the Cross (Cerro de la Cruz). the hill is located on the north end of the city. You can walk to the base of the hill from anywhere in Antigua within 10 to 20 minutes. Although there have been safety problems on the hill on the past there is now a permanent police presence daily from 7 am to 4 pm. Details of this can be checked at the Inguat tourist office just off the central plaza.  ”
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“Just grab a book and go sit at Central Park for a few minutes you'll love it. ”
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“A ruined monastery restored and converted into a breathtaking hotel, museum, spa, etc. Worth a visit!”
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“This is in town (there are a couple places within walking distance) but this place has everything. And I mean everything. Socks, underwear, produce, milk, art supplies, groceries, etc. They also have this habit of taping things together as intriguing special offers--it's hilarious. (The most recent one was a ladle tapped to individually wrapped american cheese slices.) So intriguing that there is a facebook group dedicated to it: Shit taped together at the Bodegona.”
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Arts & Crafts Store
“Most of the Guatemalan handcrafts under one roof, in a beautiful shopping complex”
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“This arch was constructed in the 17th century as a passageway between the monastery and adjoining school.”
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“With one of the most magnificent views of the city and surrounding areas, El Tenedor del Cerro is the perfect dinner destination. Shuttles leave from Santo Domingo and are free to and from the restaurant. ”
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“Antigua's coveted dive bar. Loved and loathed equally for its dim bluesy interior and own brand of (once illegally smuggled) Oaxacan mezcal. Expect tall tales, frosty service and warm mezcal. $$”
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“(Sunday evenings) Sundays are the best days to grab yourself some Guatemalan comfort food. Families gather before and after church to eat shukos (Guatemalan hotdogs), tostadas, tamales, and a whole host of other treats. Messy, cheap and delicious. $ ”
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Historic Site
“This is a beautiful ruin of a convent and church from the 1700s. I highly suggest that you give yourself enough time to tour the convent and get a paid guide that can explain the ruin. They have guides that speak English, just ask for one when you arrive.”
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“Veteran sports bar and pub here in Antigua. Great for all the things you would expect. Well-loved for the Ladies' Night on Tuesday. $ ”
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“Delicious crepes with French and Guatemalan influence + delicious smoothies. It is very popular so maybe avoid on weekends”
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Night Club
“The place to be seen for Antigua/Guatemala City's budding glitterati. If, like us, hedonism is now a distant memory: pass by earlier in the day for their signature cocktails and pizzas. $$ ”
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“The coolest bar/restaurant in Antigua. just around the corner. Open from 6 to 10 pm. Great ambiance, sweet owners, great food. Go alone you won't feel alone.”
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“An 8 minute walk down my street is this 'concept' farm. Caoba Farms is always a good bet, with artisan markets and live music on Saturdays; large portions that I have always found very, very fresh. Angie Angie on 1 Ave Sur has good 2 for 1 pizza on Sundays in a fabulous garden setting.”
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Spiritual Center
“Built by the Franciscan brotherhood in 1542, this Catholic church is the oldest functioning church in the city and most visited sanctuary by locals. It also houses the tomb of the country’s only canonized saint, Hermano Pedro, making it a fascinating place to visit in Antigua Guatemala. Its spectacular colonial architecture, grand courtyard, and ruined monastery make it an incredibly photogenic place to visit, but there’s also an interesting museum here dedicated to Hermano Pedro, a Spanish missionary who is Guatemala's only saint.”
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