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Top cafe recommendations from locals

Ice Cream Shop
“E' veramente ottimo. It 's really great. The real homemade ice cream, with fruit flavors that really know fruit (watermelon could be un'acquetta, but it's yummy), a thousand flavors to choose one better than the other. Excellent Trinitarian dark chocolate, ginger and cinnamon flavors, ginger sorbet (a bit 'stronger if you're not used) the Bronte cream. Many creams with nuts inside dda nibble, all delicious. For me the size is right, but I understand that for a greedy one or more physically strong can be a little 'small size, and pay a little' (1.80 cone with 2 scoops). Here people is divided. Those who prefer the dish flavor and artificial but enjoys seeing exaggerated size cheaply goes from”
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