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Best things to do in Avignon

Discover the city according to locals. Find the best things to do, places to eat, and get priceless advice from the people who live here.

Historic Site
“Museum and beautiful gardens overlooking the Pont d'Avignon. The historical palace of the popes during the 14th century.”
134 locals recommend
Historic Site
“Once the alternative capital of the Holy See, where the pope resided, In Avignon”
116 locals recommend
Grocery or Supermarket
“The definitive food market! After this, everything else is a disappointment!”
113 locals recommend
“A legendary bridge built in the 12th Century. Discover the legend of its construction and the song which has made it famous the World over. ”
63 locals recommend
“Everybody's heard of the Pont d'Avignon but not everybody knows it used to have 25 arches and crossed the island in the middle of the Rhone to the far side of the river”
38 locals recommend
“cinema pathe capsud , capitole studio, acro branche a lagnes , cathedrale d images à st remy , splach word (sensations assurees )”
84 locals recommend
Scenic Viewpoint
“Vue parfaite sur le Pont d'Avignon ! Wonderful view for the Bridge of Avignon !”
48 locals recommend
“UNESCO World Heritage Site - the medieval city of Popes - the biggest gothic palace in the world and the legendary bridge made famous by the song known to every child 'Sur le Pont, d'Avignon' ”
429 locals recommend
Historic Site
“Villeneuve was the royal city and hosted lots of kings throughout decades, competing with the rich and powerful lands of the Catholic Church, based in Avignon. Don't miss the visit.”
33 locals recommend
“Beaucoup de bars tout le long de la place en soirée . Lot of bars on the place”
58 locals recommend
Scenic Viewpoint
“You'll be able to have a fantastic view on Rhône, Villeneuve les Avignon , le fort Saint André, la Tour Philippe le well as a quiet walk, a coffee or any drink at the local coffee shop!!!”
46 locals recommend
Art Museum
“Contemporary art with a bang! You like it or hate it... But it's there, rich, controversial and fascinating.”
45 locals recommend
Natural Feature
“On y accèdera idéalement par un service de bac gratuit municipal qui permet de traverser gratuitement en péniche le fleuve. Paradis des joggers mais aussi des amoureux qui peuvent y faire des balades romantiques au bord du Rhône et de ses péniches. La vue sur le Pont d'Avignon mais aussi sur toute la ville est unique, un panorama a immortaliser par une bonne série de photos et autres selfies. Le restaurant le Bercail, sur la berge, propose quelques spécialités de la région. ”
39 locals recommend
“hotel particulier du XVIIIème siècle regroupant des peintures, sulptures, dessins et arts décoratifs”
23 locals recommend
French Restaurant
“The terrace is wonderful along the Rhone river with a beautiful view on the Avignon bridge! Open every day ! Good provencal food !”
45 locals recommend
Pedestrian Plaza
“The most typical street of Avignon, fully paved, with its paddle wheels, witness the production of silks, Indian cotton and the 18th.”
47 locals recommend