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Shopping in Bonne-Nouvelle, Paris

Top shops

Pastry Shop
“Meilleure pâtisserie. C'est également la plus ancienne pâtisserie de Paris ! Best and oldest bakery in Paris!”
  • 123 locals recommend
Cocktail Bar
“- Lockwood , 73 Rue d'Aboukir, 75002 Paris Hidden away in one of the best caves in Paris – all stone walls with secretive stone alcoves, Lockwood is a " rocky-cocktails-aperitivo-beverage-sharing dinner plates-fun" Open hour 6.00 pm to 2.00 am ”
  • 35 locals recommend
“For breakfast or late brunch with friends. Just around the corner! Don't miss the hazelnut chocolate spread (Belgian chocolate) :o) 2min walking distance”
  • 34 locals recommend
“My favorite BAKERIES : •Maison Kayser open on Monday - 16 rue des Petits carreaux (Opening Hours : 7am to 8h30pm, closed on Sunday).”
  • 26 locals recommend
“If you have some additional time - after you did all the touristic stuff you wanted to do! - you should definitely go and hace a look at this cool unusual museum. You'll discover how chocolate is made of, the discovery and use of chocolate accross history and over the world, and even be able to taste a homemade praline”
  • 12 locals recommend
Wine Bar
“A popular wine bar with some table outside. Next to G.IV, Caminito and others.”
  • 24 locals recommend
Cheese Shop
“A wide range of authentic great cheese, and good advises as well if you need. Don’t move and say cheese! ”
  • 29 locals recommend
Farmers Market
“I have so much respect for the owners of this series of shops on the rue du Nil, Samuel and Alexandre. In 2008 they began supplying exceptional French produce, cheese, and meat to chefs. Now the public can also buy those products at their shops. They have extremely high standards and are always on the hunt for the freshest ingredients. Don’t miss the excellent bakery, the newest of the outposts.”
  • 15 locals recommend

Shopping malls

Shopping Centre
  • 1 local recommends


  • 2 locals recommend