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Food and restaurants in Basel-Bruderholz

Top restaurants

Cocktail Bar
“This is a bar with high-quality cocktails (even bartenders go there for a drink on their nights off). Also, the ambience is very nice - the entire place is like a hangar with an industrial vibe, the ceilings are super high and there is plenty of couches.”
  • 30 locals recommend
“Great Restaurant. Enjoy a great Menue in the complete dark and explore all your other senses.”
  • 17 locals recommend
“Because it has great quality food including cordon bleu. Relaxed but also special.”
  • 7 locals recommend
Swiss Restaurant
“Upper Class Restaurant (with Michlin star cook Tanja Granditz) Lunch menues are a good bargain Dinner menues are absolutely amazing but more expensive...”
  • 7 locals recommend
Italian Restaurant
“Very good Pizza for reasonable prices. Tossun, the owner is a very nice guy.”
  • 2 locals recommend
“Very nice italian food, moderate prices, nice views and garden tables in summer”
  • 1 local recommends
“Honest, homely food, fresh Swiss cooking! I like it. If you don't mind the decor, which is a bit wild (it used to be russian/asian, some traces remain in the decor...)”
  • 1 local recommends
“your closest bakery. fresh croissants, bread and patisserie every day. also, it is a coffeshop with freshly brewed coffee”
  • 1 local recommends


“A wide selection on food and stuff. It also has a shop for office-things and there is also a pharmacy.”
  • 5 locals recommend


“Aussergewöhnlich tolle Backwaren und Süssigkeiten. Ein Klassiker unter den basler Orten.”
  • 6 locals recommend