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Shopping in Basel-Bruderholz

Top shops

“Aussergewöhnlich tolle Backwaren und Süssigkeiten. Ein Klassiker unter den basler Orten.”
  • 6 locals recommend
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  • 1 local recommends
Grocery or Supermarket
“7 Tage die Woche geöffnet, da findet man alles an Gemüse und Früchten sowie nah- und fernöstliche Kochzutaten.”
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“ Monday to Saturday 09:00 to 20:00 Tel.: +41 61 331 13 73, Mobile +41 78 919 86 42”
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Shopping malls

Shopping Centre
“At the MParc shopping center, there is pretty much everything you need - a huge grocery store Migros on the ground floor and a store where you can buy liquor one level up. There is also a florist, a pharmacy, some clothing and shoe stores, an interior store as well as an office supply store. I may have missed something as I don't even need to go into all the stores myself. It certainly offers enough to get by. ”
  • 3 locals recommend