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Food and restaurants in Dubrovnik

Top restaurants

Mediterranean Restaurant
“Nestling under gnarled trees near the Jesuit Church Kopun has carved out an enviable reputation as a restaurant that does traditional and contemporary at the same time. They have reinvented dishes like kopun (the roast capon from which the restaurant gets its name) and šporkimakaruli (an old-school Dubrovnik dish featuring tubes of pasta with goulash) alongside a wealth of delicate pastas, risottos and salads. Quality food, smooth service, and the view isn’t bad either. ”
  • 16 locals recommend
Mediterranean Restaurant
“Yummy. The only cro-asian resaturant in Europe. The food is delicious and the prices are not bad.”
  • 13 locals recommend
“Irish pub KARAKA, Located in Old City Center. If you are looking to watch live sporting events while in Dubrovnik, we broadcast all major sporting events on the best full had large screens.”
  • 5 locals recommend
Italian Restaurant
“They have very tasty and good qualtiy ice cream in the Old harbour. I prefer it for my kids.”
  • 7 locals recommend
Seafood Restaurant
“Great fish restaurant placed in old Dubrovnik harbor with affordable prices:)”
  • 15 locals recommend
“The restaurant named by Oyster placed on the green market provides always fresh food.”
  • 33 locals recommend
“The Gradska kavana Arsenal restaurant and cafe has an enviable position near Dubrovnik’s main square, Luza, located in the very heart of the historic town, where for centuries the destiny of the Dubrovnik Republic was planned and where its leaders carefully guarded their most cherished value, which was not for sale for any amount of gold – libertas – the freedom of Dubrovnik.”
  • 10 locals recommend


“This vintage chic cafe and rakija bar, hidden within the backstreets of the Old City, is the perfect spot to kick back and relax with some friends. The musically inspired dim atmosphere offers a great environment for a low-key night out on the town. For some fresh air, there’s additional seating outside, tucked in between the historic stone walls. ”
  • 3 locals recommend
“Amazing location in the old town. Great atmosphere with perfect drinks & coffee. ”
  • 5 locals recommend
Ice Cream Shop
  • 1 local recommends