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Parks & nature in Province of Catania

“Etna, Europe’s largest active volcano, stands about 3,300 meters between Catania and Taormina. It erupts regularly, and since 2002 visitors are not allowed to climb to the top of any of its four craters (hiking up is allowed). Regular buses depart for Etna from Catania”
77 locals recommend
“Immersed in nature and surrounded by mountains, this park perfectly represents the Sicilian side that goes beyond beaches and monument. Easily reachable from the motorway Catania-Messina, the Gorges of Alcantara river are stunningly set among rocks, with very clear (but also very cold!) waters where you can immerse your feet.”
97 locals recommend
“Etna is great for hiking and viewing the volcano, and there are restaurants too. Skiing is possible in the winter. Go properly equipped with boots and warm clothes even in summertime! ”
89 locals recommend
Ski Lodge
“There are many ways to experience Mt ETNA . Get by you car at Rifugio Sapienza on the south east slopes of the volcano , up to 2000 mt from sea level. If you wish to continue further cable car and Unimog are available. ”
72 locals recommend
“If you are tired of the city rythms and you also want a nice view of Mount Etna, climb on top of the hill hosting the music pavillion”
37 locals recommend
“Parco Ideale per far divertire piccoli e grandi... Giochi da albero ad albero più incredibili con area Pic-Nic e Bracieri.”
21 locals recommend
“Go there with a good pair of shoes, a warm sweater and a bottle of Nerello Mascalese... start hiking and then take a sit and enjoy the wine with the astonishing view.”
22 locals recommend
“It’s the biggest natural park of Sicily with many different kind of natures and animals. There are several towns around the park like Montalbano and San Piero Patti.”
22 locals recommend
“Nowadays they started to organise lot of interesting and educational activities ”
19 locals recommend
“Il territorio attraversato dal fiume Alcantara è di particolare importanza in virtù della sua morfologia creata proprio dallo scorrimento delle acque che lo hanno modellato ed inciso creando, nell'attraversamento di un'imponente serie di colate laviche. The territory crossed by the Alcantara River is of particular importance because of its morphology created by the sliding of the waters that shaped and incised it, creating, through the passage of an impressive series of lava flows.”
13 locals recommend
Scenic Viewpoint
“La Riserva conta oltre 3.700 ettari di spettacolari scorci paesaggistici, con le limpide acque dell’Anapo, che scorrono tra le bianche rocce e il verde tipico della macchia mediterranea: la Riserva è una tappa da non perdere per chi si appresta a conoscere la Sicilia. The Reserve has over 3,700 hectares of spectacular landscapes, with the clear waters of the Aapo, flowing between the white rocks and the greenery typical of the Mediterranean scrub: the Riserva is a stop not to be missed for those who are about to know Sicily.”
9 locals recommend
“Il percorso a piedi immerso nella timpa va da Acireale al mare di Santa Maria La Scala.”
10 locals recommend
“In meno di 1 ora di macchina, in solitaria o con guide esperte la possibilità di ammirare dei luoghi quasi “lunari””
11 locals recommend
Theme Park
“Un posto unico al mondo insieme al fiume Nilo, dove cresce il famoso Papiro”
14 locals recommend
Harbour / Marina
“Un altro piccolo porticciolo nel cuore della città, collegato grazie ad un lungo mare mozzafiato ”
7 locals recommend
“The last Lido of Catania's beach, you can get here easily with Playa D bus and tell the driver to stop here. Lido has bars, volleyball playground, tamburino, beach tennis and gym. ”
12 locals recommend