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“Just take a bus to the center and after a short trip into the heart of the city suddenly you'll be in the middle of a bucolic landscape. You can relax walking through centuries-old trees, large meadows and a small waterway, discovering the traces of ancient Rome and the places where the emperors chose to erect the funeral mausoleums and Christians of the first century found refuge for their loved ones dead (Catacombs). A different and authentic experience of the most ancient Rome.”
  • 163 locals recommend
Dessert Shop
“-Best tiramisu of Rome , you can find the traditional with coffee or other tastes with pistachio, banana and nutella, nuts and strawberry and cream; - Sunday brunch; - Apertif in the evening from 7.00 p.m”
  • 174 locals recommend
“The park is named after the aqueducts that go through it. It is crossed on one side by the Aqua Felix and also contains part of the Aqua Claudia and the remains of Villa delle Vignacce to the North West. A short stretch of the original Roman Via Latina can also be seen. The park is served by the subway stations Lucio Sestio and Giulio Agricola (line A).”
  • 114 locals recommend
“Really great for breakfast, brunch and dinner. Beautiful location with an open space and a large tree. Recommended especially if it’s a sunny day. Necci was attended by Pier Paolo Pasolini.”
  • 140 locals recommend
“The Basilica was founded around 320 A.D. and it contains several relics, housed in a '30s addition”
  • 64 locals recommend
Historic Site
“A very unique and interesting experience in Rome, not so popular as Coliseum and Vatican, but definetely worth visit! Especially if you are a fan of grotesque places! ;)”
  • 57 locals recommend
“The kitchen is open from the morning for breakfast and international dishes, long tables for socializing and a big garden (there is also a small children’s playground!).”
  • 80 locals recommend
Shopping Centre
“Shopping mall with H&M, sports, electronics, houseware, games and bars. +++ ITA +++ Centro commerciale con H&M, Decathlon, Trony, Game Stop, bar e pizzeria.”
  • 28 locals recommend
“Franked by green fileds and umbrella pine trees. Via appia antica the queen of acient roads, has a morbid story - Spartacusa was crucified here and the early Christians buried dead in the catacombs”
  • 50 locals recommend
Place to shop
“Flea market, clothing at low prices, stocks of the past seasons, military items and much more... Time: 7,00-14,00 Mon-Sat (Sunday closed)”
  • 55 locals recommend
Italian Restaurant
“One of my favourite Roman cuisine restaurants in the whole city. Hearty Italian food.”
  • 50 locals recommend
“The pedestrian area in Via del Pigneto is the goal of the new Roman nightlife . Wine bars , restaurants , trattorias , pizzerias and cocktail bars are waiting for you for an authentic Roman experience.”
  • 48 locals recommend
“placed along the Via Appia, near the gateway to the city of San Sebastiano, they are one of the very few examples of Christian cemeteries that have always remained accessible. The spatial arrangement of the tombs and the cemetery itself is astonishing.”
  • 33 locals recommend
Film Studio
“Cinecittà is the historical huge complex of cinema studios of Rome. Here directors like Federico Fellini, Sergio Leone, Alberto Sordi and hundreds more created the history of Italian cinema. If you're interested in the world of movies it is a must. Inside you will also find some monumental sets, with the scenography still intact. Official website is; where you can book your travel thorught time and space in these amazing studios. Website is in italian, english and french.”
  • 39 locals recommend
“It is a bar in the classic Italian tradition. It is open from breakfast to late afternoon. You can eat a delicious ice cream (there are also vegan tastes) and drink excellent coffee or cappuccino. Highly recommended!”
  • 46 locals recommend
“via Appia Nuova is the longest shopping strip in Europe!! Clothes, shoes, bags, books, gelatos...anything you fancy when in Rome, here's the place to find it! :)”
  • 21 locals recommend