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Top bookstore recommendations from locals

Department Store
“Opened in 1907, it is the most famous department store in Germany and the largest department store in continental Europe.”
  • 261 locals recommend
“Large, species-rich zoo with animals in natural habitats, modern aviary & daily feedings.”
  • 133 locals recommend
“Amazing square with lots of places to visit and to have a breakfast or a lunch.”
  • 163 locals recommend
“If you dont go to the city of Potsdam and still want to see one of the palaces of the Hohenzollern dynasty then Charlotenburg Palace is the right choice.”
  • 148 locals recommend
Cocktail Bar
“Very stylish, different from Berlin's own style but still modern and hipster. Very nice view of the city. ”
  • 116 locals recommend
“The tower ruins of the new-romanesque church destroyed during world war II, which today is a museum and memorial to peace.”
  • 88 locals recommend
“there is an area where you have to pay. they have something like a beach there. but while walking around the lake you‘ll see that most people just chill behind the fences. try that out if you don‘t want to pay ”
  • 97 locals recommend
“Rubble mountain in the west of Berlin with striking, decaying structures of a flight monitoring and listening station of the US armed forces.”
  • 103 locals recommend
Shopping Centre
“Nice building from the 60th with a lot of department stores, walking distance 10 minutes ”
  • 94 locals recommend
Art Museum
“When they have an exhibition during your stay - go there. I somehow really like the space and the art they exhibit there ”
  • 76 locals recommend
Place to eat
“5 mins walk from the flat, great resturants set in an old markethall. (cheap-medium price range)”
  • 70 locals recommend
Sublocality Level 2
“A magic Place, just go there when its realy hot! And then go the the Teufelsberg”
  • 50 locals recommend
“Want to eat breakfast on sunday at 11 p.m. ? Feel the urge to eat a juicy rumpsteak at 6:30 a.m.? Or just relax and have a drink at any time? Schwarzes Cafe welcomes everybody, honestly everybody- no matter how crazy your wishes are.”
  • 65 locals recommend
“Looking for a small park in the city with nice bars and cozy places? Welcome to the Lietzensee-Park. Enjoy your time, you will love it.”
  • 53 locals recommend
“A cinema from another time, you should book the "loge" to enjoy a cold drink served directly in your big leather armchair.”
  • 36 locals recommend
“A beautiful park belonging to the summer castle of Charlottenburg and next to the river Spree.”
  • 21 locals recommend