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“You can go directly from Momotani Station to the nearest station in Osaka Castle. It's very easy to move around!”
  • 343 locals recommend
“ABOUT KUROMON MARKET Kuromon Ichiba Fish Market is located in the center of Osaka, Minami. The most famous fish at Kuromon Market are the conger pike in summer and Fugu in winter. At least 10% of the seafood shop in Kuromon specialize in Fugu and Hamo. A lively and roofed market which stretches about 580m, there are about 150 shops and is always bustling with people. This market has everything you want. From fresh seafood, blow fish and soft shelled turtle specialty shops, to restaurants, fruit and vegetables shops, butchers, pickled goods, dried food, Japanese sweets and Western cakes. Kuromon Market is full of great energy, with local tantalizing sights and aromas – you will never be bored strolling down this street. Kuromon Ichiba is a perfect place to enjoy Tabe Aruki, a culture of Osaka where we eat as we stroll. Experience Osaka’s Kuidaore, meaning eat till you faint food menus available here. Enjoy seafood skewers at the fish shop, or have some fresh fruit juice from fruit shop, or try delicious matcha soft ice-cream at the tea shop. You wont be able to resist the mouth watering aroma from the local shops, stalls and eateries. You’ll fall in love with the charm and fun of Kuromon Ichiba. Prepare to eat until you’ve had enough when you visit Kuromon Market. ”
  • 254 locals recommend
Udon Restaurant
“It’s the most famous street in Osaka. You can eat a lot of delicious food here. You’ll have an unforgettable experience. ”
  • 285 locals recommend
Discount Store
“You can buy something cheap. You should take a train to go Shinsaibashi from Kitahama station.”
  • 149 locals recommend
Comedy Club
“Namba Grand Kagetsu (NGK) Theater is the headquarters of Yoshimoto, a universal brand of Japanese comedy. Opened in 1987, this large-scale entertainment hall equipped with the latest theatrical innovations revolutionized the image of playhouses at the time. Ever since, it has been providing audiences with heartfelt laughter and good times. Not only comedy but also special programs such as song and acrobatics are often included. The theater puts on performances all year round without any days off. 3-minute walk from Namba Station on Osaka Metro Midosuji Line and Nankai Railway 吉本タレントや芸人による漫才や落語が上演されており、同劇場の目玉ともいえる「吉本新喜劇」も、連日の上演されています。吉本興業創業100周年を機に、リニューアルオープンし、大阪の味・名産品の店舗も充実しており、お笑いを楽しむだけでなく、食べて、体験できるプランなども用意しています。 Osaka Metro御堂筋線、南海「難波駅」より徒歩3分”
  • 119 locals recommend
Sublocality Level 2
“Osaka Castle, or “Osaka-jo” in Japanese, is certainly one of the most famous landmarks in Japan, and for good reason. This five-story castle is one of the most visually spectacular creations in the country, with a history that dates back almost 450 years! One of the most fascinating features of Japanese culture is the sheer breadth of its rich history – across the country there are thousands of shrines, temples and castles dating back literally hundreds of years, each with an interesting story to tell. Year-round, travellers from within Japan and abroad make pilgrimages to many of these cultural landmarks to either pay respects, learn about Japanese history, or merely appreciate the stunningly intricate architecture for which Japan is globally renowned. Osaka Castle, or “Osaka-jo” in Japanese, is certainly one of the most famous landmarks in Japan, and for good reason. This five-story castle is one of the most visually spectacular creations in the country, with a history that dates back almost 450 years! Built by Hideyoshi Toyotomi In 1583, Hideyoshi Toyotomi (1537-1598), a powerful feudal lord and warrior during the Sengoku period, built Osaka Castle during a period of unrest which had followed numerous wars over the previous decades. Obsessed with gold, Hideyoshi insisted that gold be applied to much of the castle’s interior furnishing, with this motif also appearing on the exterior awnings to this day. Upon completion, Hideyoshi held the castle as a stronghold, which led to a secession of the wars that were raging in Japan at that time – essentially unifying the country and bringing temporary peace. As history tends to prove, peace did not last forever, and numerous wars broke out over the coming centuries. Osaka Castle was destroyed and rebuilt numerous times, and not always by war – in 1665 the main castle tower was in fact destroyed by fire as a result of a lightning storm. After this period the castle stood for another 200 years, before again being destroyed during the Boshin War. The most recent (and hopefully permanent) iteration of Osaka Castle was reconstructed in 1928, and while it did suffer some minor damage during World War II, the main structure lived on, and after being recognised as a “Historic Site” by the Japanese Government in the 1950s the castle lives on to this day. The current Osaka Castle is a beautiful testament to traditional Japanese architecture, from the subtle balance of colour to the delicate patterns and shapes that adorn each level. Visitors to Osaka Castle can enter inside, which currently operates a historical museum, for a small fee (15 years and younger can enter for free), with group discounts available. On each floor inside the castle are a wide variety of artefacts detailing the extensive history of Osaka and the castle itself. While not all the artefact information is available in English, there are leaflets available that explain much of the exhibits. On the top floor visitors can catch a breathtaking view of the surrounding areas, taking in the parks and cityscapes. Osaka Castle Park While the castle itself is indeed beautiful, the surrounding parks are also worth exploring. Osaka Castle Park was opened in 1931, and has become an incredibly popular destination for its changing foliage in the spring’s ‘sakura’ (cherry blossom) season, as well as the autumn’s ‘koyo’ (falling leaves) season. It is quite easy to spend hours roaming around and enjoying a beautiful day underneath the trees, imagining the amazing things that occurred there in the past. In fact, there are still structures that have managed to escape the wars, having existed intact since the Edo period (1603-1868). Certainly the best views of Osaka Castle can be seen from the parks area, with the structure itself towering over the stunning natural landscape which envelops it. It is even possible to take a short boat ride around the surrounding moat! Osaka Castle is also famous to some for its incredibly well-built stone wall, which is impressive in its sheer size, with an estimated 500,000 to 1 million large stones (up to 12kg) having been used in its construction. The moat walls stand at up to 20 metres tall and 90 metres wide. Access Osaka Castle is surrounded by five different train stations, but the best access is via either Morinomiya or Osakajokoen Station. Coming from either station affords visitors a unique pathway towards the castle through the gardens, and for curious visitors it’s certainly worth arriving by one and departing by the other. It is highly recommended to allocate at least two to three hours at Osaka Castle, which will allow a decent amount of time to really soak in the scenery, from the man-made to the natural. For first-time visitors to the Kansai region of Japan, Osaka Castle is an absolute must-see destination. It is a perfect half-day trip where one can appreciate both serene nature, in the many areas filled with beautiful trees, and marvel at the rich and intriguing history of Osaka. As Hideyoshi would surely appreciate, this experience is certainly worth its weight in gold!”
  • 123 locals recommend
“National Bunraku Theatre plays a significant role in preserving, developing and passing on the traditional art forms of the Kamigata (Osaka-Kyoto), especially the art of Ningyo Joruri Bunraku (puppet drama).”
  • 87 locals recommend
Shopping Centre
“A shopping street that extends about 580 m from north to south.There is mixed from the long-established store of founding several hundred years to the shop which adopted the latest fashion. 南北に約580mつづく商店街。創業数百年の老舗から、最新の流行を取り入れた服飾店までが混在しています。”
  • 115 locals recommend
History Museum
“Well done museum about the city's history. The museum exhibits are visually oriented with several large models. They chronicle the city's history, beginning in ancient times when Osaka served as Japan's first capital and site of the Naniwa Palace and ending with exhibits on the city's bustling shopping arcades of the early Showa Period.”
  • 57 locals recommend
Electronics Store
“Bic Camera Namba is one of around 40 Bic Camera stores found throughout Japan, which dispite the name sell computers, mobile phones, audio and video equipment, plus of course cameras. Most Bic Camera stores are large sites, which consist of several floors and nomally include restaurants and cafes. This Bic Camera store is in Namba Osaka. walk from accommodation only 15 minutes.”
  • 95 locals recommend
Department Store
“Amazing food hall with wide selection of food you can eat right away, snacks to take away, and the most amazing gift boxes to bring home for friends and family. Service is impeccable, the place is clean and bright, a foodies dream.”
  • 73 locals recommend
Concert Hall
“Located in the center of Osaka, the surrounding area is a business district. It is a mysterious spot where history and current business live together. Japanese castles are very popular with foreign tourists, and many people come to enjoy Japanese history and romance.”
  • 94 locals recommend
Department Store
“Daimaru Shinsaibashi is even better. There store has 3 buildings with many floors. The basement level of the main building is where they sell food and the staff greet you at every corner and at every turn, inviting you to check out the products. walk from accommodation only 8 minutes.”
  • 37 locals recommend
Shopping Centre
“a sightseeing spot in Osaka that is lively night and day It's busy and you can enjoy eating, drinking and shopping even at night. ”
  • 116 locals recommend
Ramen Restaurant
“famous for spicy ramen noodle and have a good reputation, especially for foreigners.”
  • 51 locals recommend
“If you are clubbed, I suggest to to Giraff, is one of the biggest night club in Japan. It has 4stories with full of club-goer every night! Especially, on the weekend, there are throng amount of hot boys and girls. Just visit there and feel groove with them ;) Note:Do not forget to bring your ID!”
  • 37 locals recommend