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Top recommendations from locals

From sightseeing to hidden gems, find out what makes the city unique with the help of the locals who know it best.

“One of most awesome natural wonders in the world just one and a half hours from Flagstaff. ”
  • 222 locals recommend
“Drive through to see the bears and then walk the park to see other animals. A fun experience! ”
  • 62 locals recommend
Shopping Centre
“A beautiful rendition of classic upscale Mexican old shopping center, In Sedona . Very fun window shopping or drop a few bucks on something you will love forever! There’s a women’s clothing shop upstairs in the back I’m crazy for.... I forget the name but it’s about the only clothing shop there... so much other artzie stuff to look at. ”
  • 127 locals recommend
“Ski and snowboard in the winter or hike and ride the chairlift in the off season for amazing views of the mountain and Flagstaff. Sunsets from Snowbowl are breathtaking!”
  • 114 locals recommend
“A really cool place to see the stars from and why not with our beautiful clear skies, also the surrounding area has some great leaser hiking trails.”
  • 119 locals recommend
Other Great Outdoors
“Stunning slot canyons and rock formations. Truly beautiful. Reserve your tour in advance and be sure to get there early! ”
  • 46 locals recommend
“Visit the ancient Pueblos of Wupatki (tall house) National Monument. This picturesque monument was built around 500 AD and if you listen closely, you will hear the stories whispered in the wind. ”
  • 35 locals recommend
State / Provincial Park
“The Tonto Natural Bridge State Park is a must place to visit. They offer few different trails to visit the natural bridge. I recommend you to take the trail through the river especially your older kids will enjoy climbing the rocks and play in the water. They have great picnic site. Wear sturdy sandals. ”
  • 36 locals recommend
“you should but a National Park Pass. It's cheaper in the long run if you visit a lot of parks”
  • 65 locals recommend
Other Great Outdoors
“A little further of a drive, but amazing. Doesn't have a huge variety of animals, but you can see the animals up close! Watch a tiger show, watch them feed the animals! And take a Safari ride where you can feed giraffes! ”
  • 55 locals recommend
“Horseshoe Bend is a great place to watch the sunset. The views are stunning!”
  • 28 locals recommend
“Walnut Canyon National Monument, only 10 miles (16km) east from Flagstaff along I-40, contains about 25 cliff-dwelling rooms constructed by the Sinagua people in the 13th century along a 1 ½ mile (2400m) loop trail. (Warning: there is a stairway of some 240 steps to get into and out of the canyon; if this is too strenuous, there is also a rim trail). ”
  • 71 locals recommend
“The Chapel of the Holy Cross was built into a buttes in 1957. Very interesting architecture, definitely must to visit”
  • 57 locals recommend
Coffee Shop
“This place is a Flagstaff institution and very much embodies the funky free spirited Flagstaff people. The coffee is fabulous and I highly recommend trying a pastry ... or two.”
  • 97 locals recommend
Vegetarian / Vegan Restaurant
“Quintessential Sedona experience.... a 5 minute walk from the Oasis house. Handmade chocolates and wholesome organic vegetarian food. Relax in the hammock in the garden and clear your chakras in the vortex energy of Sedona. ”
  • 67 locals recommend
“Do not miss this important cultural and naturally gorgeous museum and grounds!”
  • 85 locals recommend