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Top bookstore recommendations from locals

“A small museum lives in this lighthouse which is surrounded by walking trails, ocean and sometimes surfers and seals.”
  • 81 locals recommend
Art Museum
“Breathtaking selection of art from all across the globe spanning centuries. Best of all, admission is free! ”
  • 73 locals recommend
“Children will spend pleasant moments with the seals, penguins, Beluga whale's shows and interactive games, and they will learn more about the fantastic marine world and how to take care of the oceans.”
  • 57 locals recommend
Gift Shop
“Featuring wooden ships from around the world, The Seaport has a Victorian period waterfront town with walk-in exhibits, historic homes, stores and other commercial structures like a blacksmith shop, cooperage, working tavern, rope walk mill and wood carver. The boats are all open for walk through viewing and there is a dry dock and restoration yard where wooden ships get hauled out and repaired. The Museum’s exhibition halls are brimming with permanent and changing exhibits that offer rare glimpses into other eras and cultures, including restored vessels, figureheads, ship carvings, and vintage photography. Each exhibit and art gallery at Mystic Seaport Museum offers a unique perspective of our nation’s history with the sea and voyages on the water. Amazing gift shop and coffee shop too!”
  • 69 locals recommend
“The Peabody Museum of Natural History at Yale University is among the oldest, largest, and most prolific university natural history museums in the world. Exhibits & dioramas on evolution, natural environments & human origins, with a regional focus. The Peabody museum is a great way to spend some time, ss you can explore the whole museum in about 2 hours. ”
  • 43 locals recommend
“You can get good time in the Casino, in its restaurants, bars, places to dance or enjoy the best shows.”
  • 58 locals recommend
“Fun live music venue. Gets really crowded on the weekends in the city. Week day show might be a better bet.”
  • 43 locals recommend
“One of the most prestigious school in New Haven who does help the community and aspiring students who go to college. They give a lot of scholarship.”
  • 46 locals recommend
Theme Park
“31 MINUTES There is a variety of rides and all are different! The Superman is on the top of my chart - the drops are just unbelievable! Others that are worth it are the Batman, The Joker and the MindEraser. The Goliath is also a must but your head hurts after cause you keep hitting it in the holders. There is also a water park but they close at 7pm so we decided there is not enough time to enjoy it. ”
  • 27 locals recommend
Art Gallery
“See where Lee Krasner and Jackson Pollock came to live and create amazing work and get a feel of how they lived.”
  • 54 locals recommend
Pizza Place
“Frank Pepe originated the New Haven-style thin crust pizza which he baked in bread ovens fired by coke. Coke is a byproduct of coal and it was used extensively until the late 1960’s when it became unavailable and hence coal was then put into use to fire the oven. Pepe’s signature pizza, the White Clam Pizza, was most likely an organic inspiration by Frank Pepe; an idea born from the fact that Pepe’s also served raw little neck clams from Rhode Island, on the half shell, as an appetizer.”
  • 52 locals recommend
Pizza Place
“PIZZA & BEER! (And salad if you want balance) New Haven being known for the best pizza, this is one of my favorites. Super thin. Make a reservation or go during the week if you don’t want to wait! ”
  • 48 locals recommend
History Museum
“Voted CT’s favorite tourist site & Nat'l Historic Landmark. Home to Samuel Clemmons and his family from 1874-1891. 25-room home with stunning Gothic architecture including glass conservatory, library and iconic billiard room. ”
  • 26 locals recommend
“Local, upscale. Excellent gourmet dining. Arrive early to get a table on the porch and watch the world go by. Pricey, but worth it. ”
  • 45 locals recommend
“Great park surrounding East Rock Mountain. Guided trails and cliff steps for hiking. Can also drive up back side to observation platform and monument. Great view of the city!”
  • 42 locals recommend
“Mohegan Sun is smaller than Foxwoods, but still offers a variety of activities and something for everyone. Shopping, dining (our favorite here is the Tuscany's brunch), salon & spa, as well as an arcade for kids. ”
  • 36 locals recommend