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Best parks in Copenhagen

Theme Park
“Tivoli is a cornucopia of experiences, from wild rides to good dinners and great concerts, and a must for anyone visiting Copenhagen.”
1240 locals recommend
“At the main entrance, visitors are officially received by Frederik VI, a former king much beloved by his people, so one is fully aware of entering his garden. In the waters of the beautiful garden he used to be rowed about on the canals saluting the people. The statue's pedestal has the following inscription: 'Here he felt happy in the midst of loyal people'. Today, Svendsen's Boat Service (Svendsens Bådfart) will do the rowing for you. Boat tours operate all summer. The boat tour will give you a good idea of the vastness of the gardens. On the tour you will see the Frederiksberg Palace, towering on a hill top, many lovely little bridges, and the Chinese Pavilion that was erected in 1799 as a Royal teahouse. For centuries, the Frederiksberg Gardens has been a favourite outing spot for Copenhageners. Many bring their picnic baskets for lunch and top off the day by visiting the Copenhagen Zoo in the northernmost end of the gardens. ”
924 locals recommend
“Amager Strandpark is a rather large beach - you can rent kayaks, surfboards, SUPs and more here.”
636 locals recommend
“The Common Park is not only synonymous with May 1st, Carnival and DHL Relay. The park, which is Copenhagen's largest, attracts many different types every day. There will be football and running on the running path, dogs in the new dog yard, play on the new Tower playground, practice traffic in the traffic playground and the sunbathing. The Fælledpark is a very popular and versatile park, which invites both physical activity and relaxation in the sun. The park is also used for major events.”
602 locals recommend
“Ethical considerations regarding the concept of Zoos aside, Copenhagen Zoo comes across as one of the more conscious institutions, particularly due to their focus on animal welfare and natural stimulation of the animals. This is evident when viewing the large spaces the animals have to roam in and natural behavior exhibited by them, which is why we think it’s worth a visit.”
408 locals recommend
“Gorgeous cemetery where HC Anderson is buried - worth having a stroll through especially in the summer and autumn. ”
1073 locals recommend
“While both the gardens and Rosenborg Castle itself are amazing all year round, there's a certain magic in the air here during autumn that makes it even more special.”
492 locals recommend
“This is basically just a park, but one to visit. Underneath the park is the catacombs that used to be used as the water supply for Copenhagen many years ago (you can visit, but its cold downthere). Nowadays Søndermarken is a park with tall grass, lots of buzzing bees and the best science festival in Copenhagen, called Bloom (only three days a year). Its directly opposit Copenhagen Zoo. ”
243 locals recommend
“Nørrebrohallen is not that far and is part of the Gröne Vej that is a long cycle way towards Vesterbro. You will see a lot of people enjoying sitting in the grass with drinks, music and one-use BBQ.”
262 locals recommend
“The most dramatic landscape in flat Copenhagen! Nice to go for a small walk in the daytime.”
143 locals recommend
“Magical exhibition space in old water reservoir in the middle of the park. ”
100 locals recommend
“park designed by Danish Architects Bjarke Ingels in collaboraton with artist collective Superflex. the park reflects the neighborhood as a multiethnic and "red" neighborhood. ”
142 locals recommend
“Enter via the entrance on the corner of Stockholmsgade and Sølvgade and walk straight ahead, to the lake, cross the bridge and walk with the lake on your left side, follow the path to the rear end of the lake, there will be some stairs leading up to a big road. At the top of the stairs turn right and walk to the big intersection, cross the road to the park on the opposite side of the road, this is Kastellet. If you are interested in museums and art, you have the opportunity to go to The States Museum of Art (SMK) which is located in Østre anlæg.”
104 locals recommend
“The swamp is one of my favourite places. Close to the vibrant city, yet a quiet place to relax. ”
91 locals recommend
“The Zoo is always a must-see if you go to Copenhagen with children. Here the children can let go and look at all the animals they want. Lions, hippos, tigers, bears and other animals are exhibited here in the park. Price: 195,- for adults - 105,- for children between 3 - 11 years old. Opening Hours: January and February: Monday - Friday: 10 - 16 Saturday - Sunday: 9 - 16 March: Monday - Friday: 10 - 16 Saturday - Sunday: 9 - 17 April, May, June, July and August: Monday - Friday: 9 - 18 Saturday - Sunday: 9 - 20 September: All days of the week: 9 - 18 October: All days of the week: 9 - 18 November: 1/11 - 14/11 (Mon - Fri): 10 - 16 1/11 - 14/11 (Sat - Sun): 9 - 16 15/11 - 30/11 (Mon - Thur): 10 - 16 15/11 - 30/11 (Fri - Sat - Sun): 9 - 20 December: Monday - Friday: 10 - 16 Saturday - Sunday: 9 -20 REMEMBER! December 24th: 9 - 14 December 25th: 9 - 16 December 26th: 9 - 16 December 27th: 9 - 20 December 28th: 9 - 20 December 29th: 9 - 20 December 30th: 9 - 20 December 31th: 9 - 14 ”
52 locals recommend
Dog Run
“Amager Fælled. A piece of untouched nature – sooo close to the city. The nature is wild, haven’t been cultured for 5.000 years and very beautiful and calm. Home for deer and several red-listed species - it’s a true pearl. Go for a walk, take a run, buy some wood from a gas station and go to one of the campfires.”
91 locals recommend