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Sightseeing in Copenhagen

Monument / Landmark
“A classic place to visit. The Little Mermaid is a piece of the Danish history from H.C. Andersen’s famous farytale. ”
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Historic Site
“Kastellet is a well maintained star fortification. In the 19th century it has been used as a prison and was later taken over by German forces during the second World War. The area comprise of a Dutch-style windmill, a citadel with grassy battlements. The area can be accessed through on of the two bridges that connect it to the rest of the city.”
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Historic Site
“The Royal Danish Theatre's Old Stage The Royal Theatre in Copenhagen has graced the Kongens Nytorv Square since 1748. The theatre has guest many famous persons where Søren Kierkegaard was a frequent guest at The Royal Theatre, where he heard Mozart's Don Juan. The Royal Theatre's has three main venues at its disposal: the Opera House, the Playhouse, and the Old Stage, the latter almost exclusively for ballet performances. All performances are state-subsidized, making tickets quite affordable compared to theatre tickets elsewhere in Europe. Should Her Majesty attend a performance, the audience is required by tradition to rise and remain standing until the Queen is comfortably seated. Tickets are available at +45 33 69 69 69, online or two hours before a given performance.”
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Monument / Landmark
“The Round Tower. With its distinctive spiral ramp, the Round Tower is one of Denmark’s best-known and most visited structures. A historical place that also houses exhibitions, concerts and activities for young and old. The tower platform on top has a great 360 degrees city view centred by the observatory, which is still used in the winter months and is thus the oldest functioning observatory in Europe. Adults: DKK 25”
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“You haven't been to Denmark, if you haven't had a hotdog from the stand, in the central square. Make sure to get the "ristet med det hele" (roasted with all toppings), its truly bliss. ”
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Capitol Building
“This is where the danish parliament is. It's possible to go inside at take a look and go up into the tower and enjoy the view- for free. You can even go down in the basement and see the old ruins of bishop Absalon's first building there.”
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“Around Kongens Nytorv you can more or less do everything. Visit Nyhavn, stroll down Strøget (a long shopping street), find bars and exclusive restaurants, do some sightseeing and everything in between. This is an excellent place to start your Copenhagen journey.”
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“The planetarium has a cinema that shows interesting documentaries on a huge IMAX style screen. Great for rainy days.”
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Historic Site
“The site where Carslberg was founded, where you can learn the history of the brewery, ride in a horse carriage and try different beers with food options too.”
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Historic Site
“This is very nice. walk in and up. the Little Mermaid is near here and the Gefion Fountain”
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“White e-bikes - the city bikes. large stand in the western side. Look also at "donkey republic" (the orange bikes). ”
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“Thorvaldsens Museum opened on the 18 September 1848 and was the first public museum building in Denmark. Nowhere else in the world can you experience all the works art by the Danish artist Bertel Thorvaldsen (1770-1844).”
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Capitol Building
“Christiansborg houses the Folketing (Danish Parliament) and the Prime Minister’s Office. Many areas of the palace are open to visitors.”
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Capitol Building
“The parliament. If you are lucky you can book a table at the restaurant at the top of the tower. Free guided tours are also available where you get the chance to visit the chambers. ”
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Tourist Information Center
“ is the best guide of Copenhagen. You will find all the info that you need on this website. You'll find a fine description of all the different neighborhoods, places, museums, how to get around etc. Makes it easy to plan your stay.”
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Monument / Landmark
“Enjoy some cocktails in one of the bars close to the water channels and Strøget.”
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