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Explore Crowders Mountain

Parks & nature in Crowders Mountain

“One of the most amazing hikes you will ever go on!!!! The peak is so high the birds flow below you!!!”
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“Looking for a great trail in Crowders Mountain State Park, North Carolina? There are 7 hard trails in Crowders Mountain State Park ranging from 1.9 to 10.1 miles and from 869 to 1,610 feet above sea level. Crowders Mountain is a great hike with fantastic views. The perfect getaway when the leaves start changing colors. Start checking them out and you'll be out on the trail in no time! ”
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“Companion peaks at Crowders Mountain State Park—The Pinnacle and Crowders Mountain—offer challenging hikes, towering cliffs and 25-mile views of the surrounding piedmont. Eleven trails range from pastoral to strenuous, including the Ridgeline Trail, which links to Kings Mountain State Park and Kings Mountain National Military Park in South Carolina. A nine-acre lake offers choice spots for fishing or an opportunity to try canoeing with rentals available. Backcountry camping is featured with individual sites approximately a mile from parking areas. The rugged terrain of Crowders Mountain lends itself to rock climbing and bouldering with permit in designated areas. A visitor center with museum”
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“Beautiful walking/bike path. It has restrooms at the beginning of trail. Comfortable walking for a newbie and has trailers for the advanced walker as well as fitness apparatus built along the trail. There are benches to sit and talk or catch your breath.”
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